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Yes, that is the correct day on the calendar.? It’s not the first of November yet.? This is my simple plea to every person who reads this site to go out and vote. Vote early if you can.? Just do what it take to make your voice heard.? It is our civic duty as Americans to vote.

If staring at my banner for Obama makes you take up the cause and support him than I thank you.? If it disgusts you and makes you want to vote for McCain… well at least you are voting.? What I do ask is that you do your best to make an informed decision.

Don’t let the media (Faux news or the like), celebrities or any number of comedians sway your decision.? Look at the issues at hand and truly listen to what the candidates are saying.

However, if I can get one last plea for not voting for McCain in let it be this fantastic post that Julie at A Little Pregnant wrote.? I could elaborate on the subject, but she worded it so well nothing more needs to be said.

Just vote.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    I’m so scared McCain is going to win. Really scared…

  2. magpie says: Reply

    I was so happy to help my decrepit mother vote today by absentee ballot. So happy.

  3. Andrea says: Reply

    I feel the same way about voting. I’m Canadian, so our election has ended already(!) and even though I am not thrilled with the results . . . well, they could have been worse, and I at least have the not-inconsiderable consolation of knowing they were results I did everything in my power to circumvent.

    “Everything in my power” included a forty-five-minute trek in an Eastern Canadian October evening, which I will tell you right now, is _not_ warm. I bundled up as best I could and spent the whole time thinking about every woman who’d fought to ensure I had the right to do what I did that night. By the time I got home, I didn’t even mind that I couldn’t feel my face.

    I may not feel comfortable discussing my actual politics with people, but I am very, very passionate about people using their right to vote. Others who went before us sacrificed far too much to give us that right for us to simply cast it aside.

    (oh, and your recent post about the hockey and skating just . . . I had such ridiculous love for that post! I have no idea how my family will come to be, but you can sure bet that my boys and/or girls are going to be given every conceivable opportunity to get out on that ice each winter! It’s just a Way of Life)

  4. kim says: Reply

    Can’t tell you how much I LOVE the header. Thanks for keeping this in everyone’s mind and for encouraging the vote. In my estimation, it’s the best thing anyone can do for his/her country….

    how is Hockey coming?

  5. Kathou says: Reply

    My duty is done… i sent in my absentee ballot today…

  6. reeciebird says: Reply

    Good morning, Obama-can! Two weeks to go!

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