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Mandy over at Building a Family tagged me.  I figured I would do this meme since I haven’t done one for a while.  Besides, I thought this would be fun.  Here goes.

Five Things:

In My Car –

1. a crushed box of Kleenex that is oddly scented like my Mother’s house.

2. AA batteries in the cup holder, you never know when you might have a AA battery emergency

3. a myriad of cds in my trunk.  I still haven’t found a good deal on an adapter for my iPod.

4. Gorilla grips.  These are the best little invention evah!!  They are L shaped plastic things that velcro to the carpeted mat in my trunk.  Keeps stuff from rolling around.

5. a swiffer duster.  I have an unusually large dash and dusting it can be difficult.  I carry a swiffer to keep the dust down so it lessens the allergy attacks.

My car just isn’t that fun

In my purse-

1. a photo album of Pickle photos.  What a good mommy I am

2. various and assorted bottles of stuff.  I have hairspray, nose spray, eyedrops, and a magic pill bottle.  I am like a walking pharmacy.

3. 4 tubes of lipstick that I never wear

4. receipts.  Lots and lots of receipts.  I don’t have a folding bill section in my wallet so all receipts just get shoved into my purse.  It just creates more stuff for Jimmy Hoffa to hide under.  He lives in my purse you know.

5. My cell phone.  complete with a little pink Korean butterfly cell phone charm.  It is soooo cute!

In my closet –

1. nearly 20 pairs of shoes.  I don’t like to wear shoes, but I love to buy them

2. my crying hockey skates.  they are sad because they haven’t been used in months.  They are secretly saying, "lady, please let me out of here, It’s hot and we like ice."

3. My sweatshirt collection.  I love sweatshirts.  I wear them nearly everyday.  I couldn’t get by without them.  

4. a collection of the cutest little handmade handbags you have ever seen.  I have handbags that are in the shape of a tube, one that looks like a chinese take out containter, little canvas bags and all kinds of others.  I love handbags.  

5. a blue formal dress that makes me look as big as a house.  D took me to see Riverdace at the Queen Elizabeth theater in Vancouver BC one year and I thought it would be fun to dress up.  So I bought this dress and it is not very flattering on me.

In my fridge –

1. cheese curds that expired weeks ago.  I bought them from the grocery here in Tacoma instead of the cheese maker in Seattle.  They weren’t quite the same so I never ate them.

2. 3 jars of Pickles.  I swear it isn’t to remind me of my son!

3. flax seed oil.  I went on a health kick with rice krispy treats once and tried to make healthy ones.  Don’t ever do this.

4. an over abundance of eggs.  I think I have 22 eggs in my fridge.  I bought 18 to color at Easter, but never got around to it.  Then D’s parents brought us eggs before they left for Kanasas.   I really don’t eat that many eggs.

5. more eggs.  jello eggs this time.  D loves those and his parents brought us a bunch, again before going to Kansas.  We are the closest kids to them so when they travel we get the fridge clean out.

In my yard –

1. a toilet.  D replaced the toilet in the extra bathroom and never got around to disposing of the old one.  So it sits in the side yard

2. a greenhouse effect with landscape fabric.  I put down the fabric to kill the weeds in my rose garden, but never could afford the bark to put over it.  So now the fabric is acting like a little greenhouse and the weeds are monsters now!!

3. weeds weeds and more weeds.  I think they are plotting against me.

4. a gorgeous frank lloyd wright garden sprite replica.  She stands about 4′ tall, but is hidden by my Japanese Spirea bushes.  D bought her for me for my birthday a few years ago.

5. a west nile breeding ground.  I have a cool pot in the backyard full of rocks and water with a pump.  The bad news is the pump went bad so now the water is stagnant.  I think I am breeding the west nile virus in my back yard.


I am not thinking I am going to tag anyone on this one.  Most of you are so dang busy I think you would come and egg my house if I did. 

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