Swoobs, Swack, & Swutt

Day 2 of our great California adventure finds us visiting the State Fair.? Here we learned valuable lessons like:

Women over the age of 30 should not wear short shorts or pigtails.

Women in California will walk miles in 90+ heat wearing 4? heels.

Some mothers display their madd parenting skillz by wearing shirts stating such (?Bitch? was one example)

The mullet is alive and well in California.

There is a reason they allow you to walk around the fairgrounds with your beer.? Spending 4 hours at the California State Fair with 2 children will drive you straight to the beer garden, but those 2 children will not stay contained within said beer garden.

Old guys will run straight into you and go out of their way to be rude despite the fact that you profusely apologized for their dumbness.

A 5 year old, despite being numerous times, will get wet on the log ride and not like it.? (I have photos to prove it)

Visiting the California State Fair in 90+ heat will make your boobs, back and butt sweat? simultaneously.? Making you feel like a big wet pig.? You?ll fit in well in the livestock displays.

Heat exhaustion will cause you to make up words like Swoobs, Swack & Swutt.?

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    I got nuttin. Nuttin at all about that…well I did it at the Minnesota State fair an felt the EXACT same way…so

  2. Jenny says: Reply

    Honey, WHY!!!!

    We have one of those, down the freaking road. Nope…not anytime soon.
    BUT amplify x10000 cause we are in the south Y’all and it is HOT and white trash galore. And we have the mullet but no beer!

  3. Sounds lovely. We were thinking of visiting the TN state fair in a couple of weeks…maybe we will reconsider.

  4. What?! No pigtails? I object to that one … not that my hair is long enough for a pigtail right now, but I can dream ….

  5. Ingelaurie says: Reply

    Something the Puyallup Fair doesn’t have…beer. Jan liked his stole.

  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    OOH, you just described WHY I haven’t been to a Fair in a long time.

    Shoe shopping today?

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    I forgot, I am 34 and sometimes wear pigtails….CRAP.

  8. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ahhh, we’re headed to Pheonix next week. I plan on having lots of Swoobs, Swack, and Swutt myself.

  9. Thanks for these observations and discoveries – fun to read and I agree 😉

  10. […] This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Western WA State Fair (aka “The Puyallup” – pronounced Pew-al-up).? We missed this event last year seeing as we were in Russia and all.? This is an event that the trusty husband and I only visit every other year or so.? We invited the trusty in-laws figuring that if we significantly outnumbered the boy we would have an easier time than we did at the CA State Fair. […]

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