Sweet Hope upgrade

Last week I upgraded the background of the Sweet Hope website. ?Consequently, the stuff that made the website cool stopped working. ?It gave me the opportunity to change up the site a little bit. ?I liked the black and grey, but thought that brightening things up a bit would be cheery. ?Granted, I went with white and grey, but hey… it’s better than black. ?Now if I could get a better photo of the Mirnoe children I would be a happy camper… I might just have to ask Galina to help me out with that.

There is a new feature on the site this year. ?REVIEWS. ?Click on the Reviews tab at the top and leave a comment. ?Your comments are like our advertising. ?Sweet Hope does not pay for any advertising so word of mouth is crucial for us. ?Letting new customers know how delicious the candy is helps us sell more candy. ?If we go with our usual 20% increase in sales our goal for 2010 is $4680. ?So we need lots of “word of mouth” (and volunteers).

One other thing we are dealing with this season is a lack of a refrigerator. ?We were offered a older used refrigerator from my aunt and uncle, but my paranoia set in and I began worrying if it might break in the middle of the season like my other one did at Valentine’s day. ?Therefore, we are asking for donations from our gracious Sweet Hope customers to help buy a new refrigerator. ?Trust me it will come from the scratch and dent section of the Sears Outlet Store. ?At this point we have no refrigerator (that can accommodate the quantity of chocolate we produce) so without the new fridge there will be no Sweet Hope sales. ?If you can help (even just a little bit) we would be eternally grateful. ?The cost of a new fridge is roughly $450-$500. ?At the moment we have $140. ?If you would like to donate (even a little bit) please do so at http://www.sweethopefoundation.org/products-page/.

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