Sweet Hope Primary

I had a twitter conversation with Tacoma Chickadee the other day about Sweet Hope Truffles.? My Nashville Wraps catalog came and reminded me that it is time to start thinking about such things.

Noob update:

Every year I make truffles and sell them at Christmas.? We vote on the flavors I will make and the proceeds go to adoptive families.

This year I’m going to do things a little differently.? In honor of the election year you get to hold a primary.? You will leave a comment and cast a ballot for a flavor you would like to see as a Sweet Hope Truffle.? Unlike normal elections you will have the opportunity to vote more than once.? Leave a separate comment for each flavor and you may vote for a flavor that another person has proposed.? The top 8 flavors will make it into the final ballot and from there the top 6 will be made*.

You have until the end of this week to cast your ballot and the final voting will be the first week in November (election week).? Sweet Hope Truffles will go on sale November 10th and ship in time for Christmas.

Just as an Update: I have made milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peppermint (candy cane), mocha, hazelnut, orange-ginger, Grand Marnier, Pistachio, Raspberry, Chili (my favorites), White Russian (not sure I’d do those the same way) and Irish Cream.


*Although this may appear to be a democratic process please keep in mind that I will have to make the truffles and therefore will actually become a dictatorship if any chocolate involving meat or meat-like produce is proclaimed a winner.? You can try, but don’t think for a moment that I would willingly touch raw bacon.

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    The peppermint ones last year were awesome!

  2. Joel413 says: Reply

    I propose. Bacon Truffles…. Perhaps Trusty Husband, Fake Husband, and Chalk Husband (OK, so I self dubbed there) could do a celebrity chef appearance and handle the raw meat. I think with an appropriately dark chocolate (72% or so) and this could turn out real well.

  3. I second the Peppermint vote.

    They’re by far my favorite. I’d also vote for white chocolate, but if I remember correctly those were a headache to make. You work hard enough as it is.

  4. Lavendar! Lemon/vanilla!

    (And very wise disclaimer. But you’re making me want to try making that flavor now. I’m thinking blend some bacon, infuse some bacon grease …)

  5. Ugh. Too early to spell.

    That’s lavender. And lemon/vanilla still sounds good as well.

  6. kim says: Reply

    how do you feel about dark chocolate cherry?


    dark chocolate pomegrante (sp?)

  7. Carrie says: Reply

    I’m happy with dark chocolate anything…. but I’m going with your oh so tasty (and addictive) mocha.

  8. Carrie says: Reply

    Oh, and how about a dark chocolate/raspberry? Yummy!

  9. Carrie says: Reply

    Pumpkin Spice? Pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg in dark chocolate.

  10. Loved the raspberry last year after thinking I wouldn’t. Didn’t like the chili after thinking I would like it. I’m fickle that way.

  11. Mmmmm … pumpkin spice … I can’t believe I didn’t think of that during said chocolate-infused twitter fest!

  12. Tracy says: Reply

    Peppermint (candy cane) are just the best Truffles I have ever tasted!!!! They must continue

  13. mom says: Reply

    Ummmm… must think on this awhile 😀
    Remember, I would love to help!

  14. Dark chocolate…just plain ole dark chocolate. (can I post 50 times for the same entry??)

  15. Also, I think that dark chocolate cherry sounds DEEEEVINE.

  16. Is this a Democrat primary? or a Republican primary? Because if it is a Democrat primary, I want to know who the super-delegates are so I can start lobbying them, as the actual ballots cast by the plebeians are merely for show.

  17. Elle says: Reply

    @Suzanne: I am a registered Republican but shall be voting Democrat in the upcoming presidential election. So truly it is neither.

  18. Trusty Husband says: Reply

    I am firmly in the Bacon truffle camp. I second Joel314’s comment. I will even help make those.

  19. Joel413 says: Reply

    @TH Joel 3:14 weighs in on the subject with:

    Huge numbers of soldiers are gathered in the valley where the Lord will hand down his sentence. The day of the Lord is near in that valley.

    Joel413 just wants bacon truffles, and will help make them… although I like Joel 3:14’s opinion on the subject.

  20. Trusty Husband says: Reply

    Hey, it’s monday and I can’t type. Glad I could amuse Joel though 🙂

  21. Orange cream!

  22. And I think if Elle won’t make ’em, we just have stealth bacon truffle making at my house and raise stealth funds for Sweet Hope. 😉 Oh wait, did I type that? When I get back from Hawaii, I’m so experimenting. (With truffle making.)

  23. Joel413 says: Reply

    Another flavor suggestion, may be difficult, but what about Key Lime in white chocolate?

  24. Sandy says: Reply

    My votes… fresh mint (had these once and they were heavenly).

    Mocha sounds good. Candy cane peppermint sounds good too.

  25. Tricia says: Reply

    I loved the chili truffles; and mocha is always good.

  26. Michelle Ketchum says: Reply

    What about Peanut Butter/Milk Chocolate?

  27. Michelle Ketchum says: Reply

    Another vote for Candy Cane.

  28. Michelle Ketchum says: Reply

    Mint sounds good too.

  29. Rebecca says: Reply

    Mocha..I love the Mocha.
    But I’d like to vote for the fresh mint!!

  30. kim says: Reply


    he’s amazing and my son is in love with him….

    you are fabulous

    how about bitter dark with white chocolate centers???? Ebony and Ivory…..??

  31. kim says: Reply

    i have one more..

    dark choc, made with a port wine and milk choc inside flavored with plum wine and a bit of crystalized ginger, or you could roll in candied ginger…??
    I’m a bit of a wine-O at times.

  32. Whitney says: Reply

    what about a blueberry white chocolate?
    or lemon raspberry?
    or dark chocolate meets candied orange peel?
    or…or… I’ll stop now.

    I must have some limits.

  33. Jenni says: Reply

    I vote for Chili!

  34. Carrie says: Reply

    Yes, the peppermint were tasty! I also like the idea of lemon-vanilla.

  35. Carrie says: Reply

    Did mocha get enough votes? Cause I can sit here and stuff the ballet box all night! 🙂

  36. Carrie says: Reply

    Oh, mint – fresh mint sounds divine too!

  37. Carrie says: Reply

    Can I vote for my own suggestion? Cause I’d love to see what you could do with the pumpkin spice idea.

  38. Tori says: Reply

    You have to make the peppermint ones!! They are so yummy!!

  39. I’ll add a “mocha” vote too. Mmmm …

  40. Lena says: Reply


  41. I’ll add a peppermint vote too — is that a given at this point?

  42. Peppermint! Although the lavender and the lemon/raspberry sound tasty as well!

    Here’s a local (for me) spot that has some interesting flavors: http://www.moderndwellers.com/truffles.html. No, I haven’t tried the anchovy or the salmon, but the others are good. Just thought I’d toss this one out there in case you wanted some unusual flavors.

  43. La-van-der. La-van-der. La-van-der.

  44. Wendy says: Reply

    I forgot about the chili ones. Yumm-O.

    Gee, I could really use some truffles right now, as Hurricane Ike is bearing down upon me and life is not worth living without good chocolate to pass the time…..Oh woe is me.

    Oh, and Levi wants caramels. Lots and lots of caramels!

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