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Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting. ?It was a fun week. ?Or at least for me it was. ?I do participate in the voting. ?Some didn’t read the fine print that you could vote as many times as you liked. ?Some figured that out at the last minute. ?Good for you.

There were a total of 234 votes over 5 days and here is how the voting went:

Mocha: 48
Key Lime: 33
Chili: 30
Irish Cream: 30
Pumpkin Spice: 27
Orange-Dark Chocolate: 27
Cherry: 26
Mint Julep: 13

Mocha took a late lead due to my friend Rai figuring out that she could vote more than once. ?Smart girl.

This year we are adding 2 new products to our lineup. ?We’ve been hounded It has been requested that we make Sea-Salt Caramels. ?This year we are obliging. ?There is a box of 1 dozen Sea-Salt Caramels for $7.50. ?Also, during the nominating process Margaret suggested Caramel Sea-Salt truffles. ?This flavor was grossly overlooked by the majority of readers, but the trusty husband and I both thought it sounded fantastic. ?We make truffles and caramels, why not combine the two. ?So this year we are offering a little stocking stuffer sized boxed. ?It is a little box with 2 Caramel Sea-Salt truffles that sells for $4.50. ?We’ll also be offering the 2 dozen plain caramels, 1/2 dozen single variety truffles and 1 dozen mixed truffles. ?The final flavors for truffles are Plain Chocolate, Candy Cane, Chili, Key Lime, Irish Cream and Mocha. ?The Caramel Sea-Salt truffles are a 7th flavor that is not included in the mixed or single variety boxes. ?You can only get those in the 2 truffle box.

Shipping costs work a little differently this year since we have a new shopping cart system. ?You will now pay shipping closer to what we actually pay for shipping. ?In years past we’ve estimated the cost of shipping and that has cut into our profits. ?The new system creates a more accurate shipping cost.

We will be taking orders from now until November 27th. ?Please remember that orders do not ship until December 16th. ?All the proceeds from the sale of Sweet Hope candy will go to Baby Home #2 in Khabarovsk, Russia.

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  1. I tried my hardest to keep Cherry on top (I SOOOO wanted that to be a flavor this year!) but things were just too crazy and I couldn’t keep up. It’s probably best that way, since I’m working on losing weight and all this season… 🙂

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