Sweet Hope Chocolates

Remember those truffles you all when ga-ga over at Valentines Day? Remember how you begged be to make them again? Remember how I had to go to Russia this spring and then didn?t have the energy to make them. Well… it?s that time! Time for truffles!!! And not only truffles, but handmade caramels.

This time the money is going to other families. I thought about just pocketing it. Well… although that would be nice I thought of someone else before myself.

So here is the deal: Like before 1 dozen of a mixed variety gift boxed for $15.00 + shipping. We are also now offering 1/2 dozen of a single variety gift boxed for $8.50 + shipping and 2 dozen handmade caramels gift boxed for $12.00.

The way the funds work. Assuming people purchase the candy. 50% of the proceeds will go to gifts for adoptive families in the form of financial assistance paid to family?s agencies. More about that in a minute. The remaining 50% will be held in our paypal account and be used to purchase graphics for blog designs for people and for supplies for Simple Wishes Quilts.

So onto giving away money. When we started the adoption process we quickly learned that there were very few grants that we qualified for. We wanted to start a grant foundation to give funds to families adopting. We felt that our grants should be given without regard to race, religion, country of origin or adoption country. However, starting a full fledged foundation takes time and money. Both of which we don?t have tons of at the moment. So we are starting with this.

We hope you will consider purchasing Sweet Hope Truffles or Caramels. If you would like to find out more about this project click the Sweet Hope Chocolates Link above*. We will be adding the page to apply for this grant soon.

Thank you to all of our readers for your love and support. We hope you will share that support with another adoptive family.


*currently the link above does not take you to the Sweet Hope home page. This will be fixed soon.

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