Sweet Hope by the numbers


50 pounds chocolate
1 1/2 gallons heavy whipping cream
8 cans sweetened condensed milk
6 pounds brown sugar
1/2 gallon corn syrup
4 pounds butter
12 boxes of parchment paper
2 boxes waxed paper
4 packages (500 ct) mini muffin cups
1 pound candy canes
1 jar pumpkin butter
1 oz green tea
2 pomegranates
1 postage scale
4 – 100 yard spools of ribbon
1? – 100 ct. box 1/2 pound candy boxes
1 – 100 ct. box 1 pound candy boxes
1 – 100 ct. box cube boxes
2 reams recycled tissue paper

grand total: $661.24

What did I do with all of that?

I made…

278 Dark Chocolae Truffles
313 Candy Cane Truffles
273 Pumpkin Spice Truffles
210 Raspberry Truffles
216 Pomegranate/White Tea Truffles (minus the 8 I dropped on the garage floor)
168 Chili Truffles

for a grand total of 1458 Truffles

I also made…

1656 caramels

And what did you do?

YOU purchased 69 boxes of mixed truffles, 75 boxes of single variety truffles (go Candy Cane) and 57 boxes of caramels.

I mailed 60 separate orders.? I delivered 6 orders personally.

I paid the US Postal Service $480 in shipping, and the furthest box is going to Seoul, S. Korea.? Thanks Jen.? I hope you’ll get those by Christmas… and by the way, I didn’t lick them.

In the end we raised $2360!? After all that I had to pay out we will be sending $1700 to Baby Home #2 in Khabarovsk, Russia.? I couldn’t have done this without the people who purchased from us.? You are amazing customers.? I also want to thank the multitude of volunteers that helped with this project.? I certianly could not have done it with my sanity still in tact without you.

We will be (hopefully) doing this again in the spring for Mother’s Day.? We are also working on getting Sweet Hope its own URL so stay tuned for that.? If not it will always be available at www.lifeofelle.com/sweethope

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  1. Mine arrived today. The pomegranate/white tea are delish!

    Wow, I’m so impressed with how much you raised! That’s awesome!

  2. mom says: Reply


  3. Lena says: Reply

    The ‘payment’ caramels are helping me getting through the construction phase of my own gingerbread house.

  4. I farted around and missed out this year – but that is a good thing you do, providing chocolate to mommas and money to orphans.

  5. Ree says: Reply

    You did good. Can’t wait to get mine.

  6. Trish says: Reply

    I was so happy when I got mine in the mail on Monday. Wow….they are absolutely divine. I got the Pumpkin Spice and the Raspberry. I can’t believe I have never ordered these before.

    You do great things!

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Liv says: Reply

    I am wishing I could have bought more. I am glad you are making them again for Mother’s Day. I will def. be telling my husband. He is enjoying them as well.

    So, are you going to form a support/exercise group until May? I’m getting fat and I am going to go through withdrawls.

  8. So tasty! I’m having a hard time NOT eating the rest of the box… I’ve eaten 1/2 of most of them, and am waiting for my hubby to finish them. Congrats on how large the fundraiser was! That’s awesome! Now I just have how many months to work off those truffles before our 15th HS reunion? (I may be coming down by myself for a mini-vacation and a chance to go out with old friends; I’ll keep you updated on what happens.)

  9. kristin says: Reply

    I got mine the other day and I love the Candy Cane and the carmels are so grand! Thanks Lisa.
    Kristin, Jim and KLaire

  10. Melissa says: Reply

    Umhummm… damn good chocolates – especially the spicy chili. I am definitely eating these myself.

    Sadly, there was a delivery mishap last year.

    Sweet Hope is good.


  11. Jenni says: Reply

    Ours arrived last week, and Jeff and I promptly dug into them. So good!

    I’m glad to hear the fundraiser was successful!

  12. […] you know how last year y’all bought a bunch of chocolate and I sent the money to Russia? ?Wasn’t that fun? ?And tasty? ?We had a super great time […]

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