Sunshine and outdoors makes a brain tired.

I want to thank all of you for your awesome comments and emails.? The icing on the proverbial craptastic cake that day was I got into the car after bell choir practice and noticed the opal on the pin on my coat was gone.? Fell out.? It was a pin my MIL gave me that came from her mother, Bunny.? It is a special pin for me.? Two rings with a small opal in the middle.? Opal is the boy’s birthstone.? Lucky for me she was in the car when I noticed and said, “let me take it.? I’ll get it fixed for you.”? So the next day she and the trusty FIL went out and had a new stone put in.? It is beautiful.? Now I’m afraid to put it back onto my coat.

Anyway… your comments and emails have helped pick me up the last few days.? My girlfriends treated me to all kinds of gluten free snacks at play date on Friday.? And Rai, the caramel corn… I still slobber a little when I think about it.

While I would have liked the trusty husband to go out and buy me a new pair of shoe goodness, I had to settle for a little wooden elephant ring holder.? I like it (almost) better than a new pair of shoes.? I’ll like it better when it prevents me from losing one of my rings.? I rarely wear my rings for more than a 24 hour period because I always have my hands in some kind of messy yuck.? Flour, dirt, you name it.

We spent the afternoon ripping down a shed in the trusty in-laws back yard today.? Ok, I did more of herding the child away from flying debris and the trusty husband did a little a bunch a whole mess of swinging a sledge hammer.? Gimpy McDad tried to help and the trusty MIL cringed every time he climbed a ladder, walked on uneven ground or looked at my husband the wrong way.? Hey, I would too if my husband had just had his leg cut off and reattached 8 weeks ago.

The rest of the evening I will spend gorging on girlscout cookies and attempting to tune out the incessant questions from my child regarding what I’m doing, where I’m going or what I’m might be doing in the next 5 seconds.? Oh, and the wine.? Lots of that.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been playing outside a bit, that always helps to relieve stress! And that your pin was fixable! Good luck with the GS cookies and wine, and have a wonderfully relaxing evening!!

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    Want to come catch minnows (to feed to Steve the turtle) with us? I can guarantee lots of mud, slime, sunshine and tired kids!!!! Poor Levi, two nights in a row he fell asleep without eating dinner. Then we could enjoy the wine and the talk and the sleeping kids……life doesn’t get any better than that!

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