Sunday Unplugged

I did something drastic yesterday.? I did not even look at my computer.? Seriously.? Yeah.? Drastic I know.? I didn’t read email, I didn’t check for comments, I didn’t read anyone else’s blogs.? And you know what?? It was nice.? Sure I was tempted, but I resisted.? Even when the trusty husband came into my office, sat down at the computer and left my site open when he walked away.? I turned around, close the window and kept working on my sewing project.

I’ve started to realize (ok, I figured it out months ago) that I need to step away from the computer more often.? I think it may be starting to rot my brain.? I go to sleep thinking of post titles.? Sick and wrong.? Sick. and. WRONG!

So Sunday morning I proclaimed to my family that we were going outside to do some fall clean-up.? The trusty husband, and possibly the boy, thought I was nuts.? It rained all day Sunday.? We all wore our rain jackets and got wet.? The boy and I splashed in some puddles.? I got my vegetable garden cleaned out (and found 3 more zucchini, much to my chagrin), I emptied all of my dead window boxes, and the trusty husband cleaned up the day lilies in the back yard.? We also took all the extra crap along side of our house to the dump.? No more redneck for us!? Sadly, I didn’t find a car.? I was hoping for a long lost Mazerati, but I only found spiders.

Will this techno-free day become a weekly occurrence?? Possibly.? Unfortunately it would mean thinning out the list of blogs to read because it took me close to an hour to read everyone’s stuff this morning.? So start being entertaining or I’ll axe you.

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  1. chou2 says: Reply

    damn, that’s some serious pressure – must think of something entertaining to post…
    congrats on cleaning out the garden – and in the rain, no less! can you come and do mine now?

  2. I have nothing substantial to report these days besides crap, food and words. I suck….

  3. Oh man, there are few things I hate as much as wolf spiders. They freak me out because not only can they move fast – they jump.

    My hubby and I have promised to have an at home date night each Friday – meaning we are unplugged for the entire evening so we can play board games and hang out. No computer, no tv, no phone.

  4. Mom says: Reply

    You just blog, but me? Friends at work have sucked me into “my space” and let me tell you…thats a scary place. I too, spend too much time on this damn thing. Must be a family trait!

  5. Frank and I were recently discussing the same idea. A techno free day. See with my blogging and constant studying from powerpoints, my laptop is like a mole that is just stuck to me at all times whether I like it or not. Frank uses one all day at work and then comes home and works on the internet business at night, while I study. It’s a viscious cycle. But, the first step is admitting the problem, right?

  6. kate says: Reply

    I need those days off, too. It’s amazing how a day away can help.

  7. Yep, I spend too much time on the computer, too. I’m seriously thinking “addiction” – but the days that I unplug are very happy days because there’s not anything much happier than spending time with my husband & child!

    Life is pretty boring right now…I hope I don’t get axed, but I can understand not wanting to read about my boring life 🙂

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