I thought about doing another storytime where you guys write the story, but I thought this was a little better.


It is part of a series we did for the trusty father-in-law since he needs something to watch in the middle of the afternoon.

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  1. OMG – that is ADORABLE. I love how the boy says “Quite Fast!”

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    The boy is brilliant! Can I get his autograph now?

  3. Lee says: Reply

    CUTE!!!!! Miss that face! Happy Valentines Day!
    Love, Auntie Lee

  4. Heather says: Reply

    very cute…but uhhhh, dont you think you may be brainwashing him just a little? We think he will be a most outstanding baseball player šŸ™‚ We miss our godson! Happy Valentine’s day.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    so cute

  6. Any chance he’s heard that book before? LOL… I can tell it’s a favorite, he’s got those lines down cold! SOOOO adorable!!

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    love it. I need to get that book for the girls!!! Conor would love it. Hockey is on right now!

  8. Huh. And all this time I thought you were just exaggerating.

    Genious. And cute too.

  9. Kim says: Reply

    Oh that is adorable! I am going to have to get one for Noah. DH is obsessed with hockey therefore our Russian son will be too….of course. šŸ™‚

  10. Gaye says: Reply

    Aren’t you glad that Roman sent that book to his little friend? It is one of his favorites too šŸ™‚ So cute…I just want to hug the boy šŸ™‚

  11. mom says: Reply

    No sound on ones computer makes this video frustrating. Watched the whole darn thing…it contains two of the people I most love in the world but dang…wish I could have heard something, anything, just a word or two…

  12. Very adorable! Brainwashing, what?!

    Heh, that sounds like a plea for the son-in-law to get himself down to Mom’s house to fix her computer!

  13. I think he’s heard that a few times….. haha! SO CUTE!

  14. Oooooh I want to squooosh him. Too funny how fidgety he was getting in the end – little boys – I know the “get on with it mom” body language all too well. Thanks for the adorable video!

  15. That is a pisser. I love it. You’ve got to get him started on the Magna Carta or something.

  16. Kim says: Reply

    OH PLEASE, more….this is magical. And Willow is the most amazing photog I have ever seen. *wishing I did not live in Michigan, but in Portland)…..thank you for sharing, this was beautiful.

  17. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh he’s such a cutie. You need to keep that book for him, he’ll love to have it when he gets older and sees this video!

  18. Jenny2 says: Reply

    rats, I’ve missed some posts and most importantly… how was that Red Curry Chicken?

    You know I just come by to steal your menus……

  19. Jenny2 says: Reply

    oh jeez, where are my manners?

    VERY cute video. I’m serious.

  20. kate says: Reply

    MUCH better than another storytime written by us. Much.

  21. Willow says: Reply

    omg i just got to finish watching that, i’m dying! my little boyfriend is sooooo smart and cute! how will i keep the other girls from stealing him away from me???

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