Still stuck in the snow

As I look out my office window I see my neighborhood still covered in a thick blanket of white. The fact that the snow has stuck around for more than 24 hours means only one thing. It is fricken freezing here. I hate the cold. It makes my joints hurt, my skin dry and my hair all kinds of ugly. What?s worse, it is supposed to snow again tonight, then rain. The only thing I hate worse than persistent cold is really cold rain. That rain that is kinda chunky. Where it isn?t quite cold enough to snow, but not warm enough to make you comfortable. Yep, this is winter in the Northwest. They suck. Of course I would take the snow that sticks around with blue skies over the month of rain we had in November. I hate being wet more than being cold. I was the only smart one at the Christmas tree farm in full rain gear.

The trusty husband went back to work today after taking Thursday and Friday of last week off. I really love my husband and he is fun to be around and all… but he really screws up our routine. I have laundry to do and a house to clean. He is big and gets in the way. Doesn?t make me love him any less. I kinda miss the eye candy though.

We had a very successful fancy dinner this year. Good time was had by all. *for those of you who are new… CS?s regional office puts on an annual dinner to recognize agent accomplishments for the previous year. It is always held at a nice hotel in Seattle or Portland. They serve a great dinner, free drinks, and have some kind of entertainment afterwards. This year they outdid themselves. The “awards presentation” was short and sweet, the food was great and the best part… they had a caricature artist drawing people instead of a photographer. Loved it! Loved it so much I brought our drawing home, scanned it in and photoshopped CS out of it. Can you say new avatar. However, the drawing of CS is just about hilarious. It actually looks like him.

We did get our bedroom painted, finally. It went from a khaki color to baby blue and chocolate brown. Our bedding is a deep aqua. The combination is quite nice. We also took a trip to IKEA for a new light fixture, new lamp and window coverings. For the first time our bedroom actually has a pulled together look. I still need CS to get my paintings done for above the bed. Yes, the trust husband also paints canvas. He is working on a set of 4 for above our bed. However that whole working thing kinda gets in the way. (I?ll post photos of the room once he gets the paintings done)

As you can tell the cold has sucked all the life out of me. I do have a great story for later. Let?s just say it involved a small child and a diaper.

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