Stepping out of my political comfort zone

I hate crowds.? I hate politics.? I hate this country’s current administration.? I hate that Americans bitch about it, but do nothing about it.? I hate that people have no concept of the electoral college process and why it actually is beneficial to our elections.? That’s a lot of hate.? Especially for someone who hates so little.? Ok, it’s all more of a serious dislike, but we’ll use the word hate for illustrative purposes.

After my rant about how my vote didn’t count and what was the point I realized that I had the opportunity to make a difference and to make my vote count.? Then I realized that after my proclamation of being Republican I should clarify a few things.

Yes, I tend to be a bit more conservative in my views.? However, not so conservative that the neo-cons still piss me off.? Frankly, I’m happy that McCain is the Republican front runner.? Come on.? Huckabee?? Really.? If his ultra conservatism isn’t enough to turn you off… just imagine “I heart Huckabee” for the next 4 years.? Not so much with the hearting Huckabee around here.

With McCain in the forefront on the Republican side I am turning my view to the Demo race.? And wow! what a doozy.? I have strong feelings there.? Namely, if you recall my serious dislike for a certain man named Bill.? Now I know Bill isn’t running again.? But you do know that if his wife is elected and serves 2 terms that will mean 28 years with a president named either Clinton or Bush.? Hellooo,? Dynasty.? The 80’s are calling.? They want their mullet back.? I understand that isn’t reason enough to not vote for someone, but I have done a little bit of reading and that other guy, I kinda like him.? *gasp!*? Elle just said she liked a Demo.? Watch out world the sky is falling.

I never proclaimed to be a hard and fast Republican.? In the last election I voted for the candidate I felt would do the best job.? Boy was I wrong.? But The Waffler failed to impress me with “I have a plan,” and he couldn’t seem to keep his story straight.

In this go around I’m doing the same thing.? Learning as much as I can about the candidates and doing something so out of American mainstream though my vote might actually count.? Actually making an informed decision.? Go figure.

That being said, I am going to go caucus this afternoon.? Writing it out makes me a little nervous.? I fear walking into my caucusing place and the rest of them seeing “red” all over my face.? But dammit, this shitty political system has gone on long enough.? I have the opportunity to do my civic duty and vote.? I registered for a reason.

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  1. Noreen says: Reply

    I am out of town, and sadly can’t caucus. No way to absentee caucus, it seems. So, I am glad to know you are going. You are really onto something here. I also am in the same boat that I read about ALL the candidates and their positions on issues. Go figure. I hope that the people who berated you on your last political posts read up on ALL the candidates to make an informed decision, too. They sure seemed angry. I have nothing against Republicans or Democrats. I just want the very best person in charge.

  2. Heather says: Reply

    And that is what our country is all about ladies. Its nice to have Democracy isn’t it?

  3. I caucused for the first time ever… and it was about as weird and uncomfortable as I expected but not as much conflict as I feared because there were exactly as many people as delegates to nominate! Weird system. Weird, weird system.

  4. Carla says: Reply

    While we’re conservative, I’m fearing that I’m voting neither party this year…hoping that at the end of the election a 3rd party will finally be able to be federally funded.

    and the Electoral College – have you seen the School House Rocks song on it? 🙂 We’ve been teaching our 9 and 5 year old about WHY we have the electoral college and how it works and why it’s a good thing, and yes, we can have a president who did not get the majority of popular votes because of it.

  5. Raissa says: Reply

    You are so lucky… you can vote twice!

  6. Joel says: Reply

    Technically, Elle, if Mrs. Clinton is elected and serves 2-terms in office then it’ll be 36 years with a Bush or Clinton in the White House. If you’ll remember, 41 was VP for 8 years before his 4 years as POTUS and several times was the man in charge. Especially during those few hours when a suitor of one Ms. Jodie Foster decided he wanted to do something to get noticed.

  7. Jenni says: Reply

    Glad you went out and caucused! It’s important to have a say in how the country is run, even if you don’t believe one vote will count.

    While I don’t hate Bill Clinton, I do agree that having Hillary as president would be a bit too much. Personally, I’d love to see McCain and Obama as our two presidential candidates. Neither one of them are “politics a usual,” and I could live with either one as our next president. Just please, no Huckabee!

    I do not heart Huckabee.

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