Starting the new year off right

I had this great post formulated the other day and when I went to publish my site ate it. Gawd I hate it when that happens. I also have a request for a rant, but those come a little spontaneously. Give me a few days. I have a trip to the social security office planned for later this week so I am sure I will find some kind of government worker to really piss me off. If not, we have our first post placement visit scheduled with our tool of a social worker on Friday. I am sure he will get me riled up about something.

In the mean time you get to revel in my parenting triumphs! Since the episode with the hacker destroyed my fabulous post about the boy winning an Olympic medal in food shot put I can?t link it here. Just know that my child has managed to fling food to nearly every square inch of our dining room. I am still finding things stuck to the walls weeks later. And since the child refused to feed himself I resorted to revoking his self feed privilege. Otherwise known as I am going to yank that cup of milk out of your hand and chuck it at you phase. Note to self: When you stand in the closet contemplating what to wear and you get the urge that it is ok to put on the nice blouse… think again sistah. Just stick to the jeans and sweatshirts. It?s easier that way.

We thought that a new year could possibly bring us good fortune. Lord knows the last 2 have sucked ass. So I send the boy and the trusty husband to Target (with a list). On that list are bowls that suction to the table. Another note to self: Clean table before trying to stick things to it. So yesterday we thing we might give the boy another chance at feeding himself. I make pancakes and with that Bill Cosby “I?m the greatest parent in the world” smile on my face I place the bowl in front of the child and dole out 5 little bits of pancake to him. I hand him a fork and say, “you try it.” The boy proceeds to shovel food into his face! This makes me happy. Very happy. Lunch time. Because, like Rhonda, we?re all about health in this house I send the trusty husband to the grand “fast food retailer” to buy lunch. I dole out small portions of fries and chicken. They too are consumed and not made into a cheap rendition of a Jackson Pollack (not that Pollack wasn?t a cheap hack anyway.) Dinner. CS?s parents house. No flingage. Breakfast. eggs. all eaten. Lunch. Yeah, that too! I have to tell you I am just the greatest parent evah! And yes you are correct. The bowl doesn?t stick to the table, but hey. it was worth a shot.

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