Sprouting Off

Last year I tried to create a regular feature on this blog about gardening.? Some readers were really excited about this project.? Sadly, I got distracted by writing about other things and it fell by the wayside.? Moreover, my gardening fell by the wayside.? I haven’t spent hours in the yard like I used to in 2 1/2 years.? I guess that’s what happens when you become a parent.? Yeah, we’ll blame the kid and not that I’m lazy.

This year we (meaning me and I”m dragging the trusty husband along with me) decided that we were going to do something different with our lives.? Our goal is to lead more natural and healthy lives.? We started this last year by buying as much produce locally as possible.? We are continuing that, but also growing as much produce as possible too.

I ordered a few new gardening books and once again I got that bug to spend more time outside than in.? I longed to get my hands dirty and stand in the sun with the hose in my hand watering my plants.? Problem is that I’m the type of person that needs motivation.? What a better way to motivate myself than to write about my experiences.? Even better would be if I had someone to share that with.? I proposed this idea to the trusty husband, but seeing as he is horribly overworked, coming home to work more wasn’t his idea of fun.? The next logical choice was my mother.? Lucky for me she agreed.? Acutally, this is going to turn out better working with her because, well… she and I need something to do together that won’t cause me to cut off her caffine supply.

So we (mom and I) are starting a project called Sprouting Off.? It is a blog that brings you gardeing know-how in a way that even the newest gardener can understand.? We are going to talk about growing your own vegetables, how to properly prune your trees, tell you what books are the best, point you to the local farmer’s markets, take you on tours of garden centers and basically get you out into your yard.? I’m also going to chronicle our personal vegetable garden this year.? We are trying a new technique that I’m hoping will keep us in fresh veg all year long.

If you’re looking for something that I’ve written and you can’t find it here, try Sprouting Off.? Odds are I’ll have somthing new.? Also, don’t be afraid to pose your gardening questions to us.? Just don’t ask us to design your yard over the internet.? But we’d be happy to tell you how to prune your roses or when to plant your broccoli.

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  1. I love it! Just added it to my bloglines.

    I have the same goal healthy living, only I have a terrible black thumb, so aside from a few herbs, I’m all about the farm stand around the corner! But…I’d love to do better by my perrenials. Hopefully, this will inspire me!

  2. mom says: Reply

    I’m telling you… it might not be August. I too have neglected the yard and look outside with yearning, so… we shall see. 😀

  3. Love it (great name, too) 🙂

  4. Suz says: Reply

    Great site! I have such a brown thumb! We are wanting to plant a garden this year, it’s actually hubby’s idea this time, so maybe it’ll happen LOL. I also want to plant some wild flowers along the back edge of our yard/woods.

    We’re planning to plant a few landscaping-ish plants over spring break around our naked house. I can’t wait to plant my Sweet Olive Bushes, are you familiar with these? They smell DEEE-VINE!

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