Sounds you want to hear in the night

See I get all philosophical and go on about a thing that I feel is important (and non adoption related) and you all leave me hanging. I’m good with that. It wasn’t really a comment worthy post anyway. Hell, who am I kidding. Most of my stuff isn’t comment worthy to begin with.

I want to thank everyone who ordered Sweet Hope Truffles and Caramels. We didn’t quite make our initial goal, but we came pretty close. Now we just need someone to give the money to. We haven’t had any applicants yet. As always I am sure I will have a few extra boxes of truffles that will go on sale after I get the batches made. So look for some last minute sales.

In the really important stuff, we were awakened last night by what sounded like a wild animal barking in the next room followed by cries from our child. Sho nuf, the boy can cry in the middle of the night when he’s sick. The pollen count around these parts has been off the charts in the last few weeks. So we thought he was having a bit of trouble with allergies, like Mama. Little bit of a cough yesterday and just generally stuffy. I gave him a bit of benadryl before bed and he was out like a light. That is until 12:30. My poor sweet baby started hacking up his right lung and it scared the hell out of him and us. Within 2 seconds the trusty husband was up and out of the bed and scooped the boy out of bed. Dear lord the child was burning up. After we determined that our forehead thermometer sucks and that you have to really cram the ear one way in there we finally got an accurate temperature on the kid. 101. Poor kid was shivering like crazy. Once he calmed down we got him into bed with us. From there he proceeded to sleep all the while kicking, smacking and scratching us. Not on purpose of course. So at least someone got a 1/2 way decent nights sleep in this house.

At this point I don’t know whether to give in to the exhaustion or to be totally and utterly elated that my child actually cried out in the night. We are talking monumental step here people. 7 months and this child has never done this.

The good news is, he is feeling better and his fever went down this morning. He still sounds like a dying seal, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down at all.

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  1. Heather says: Reply

    poor little guy. Hope he gets better soon. Sounds like he has Croup (seal barking). If it gets worse there is miracle steriod drugs for kids that clears it right up and thankfully helps you, I mean him, sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Crying out in the night is definitely a good thing, and I know you are tiredly elated that he did so! Poor baby…I hope he gets to feeling better, and I hope he and his mommy & daddy can get some good sleep tonight!

  3. Have you had him checked for Croop? (I think thats what its called.) Its a specific cough, no big deal, that sounds like a seal…literally. They give them an antibiotic, I think.
    Poor little guy. So glad he called to you!!

  4. Jenny says: Reply

    Congrats on the crying in the night but seriously it is over-rated. We have it EVERY night. by someone or the other. Usually a terror cry early enough though that we aren’t sleeping yet. Then the 3 others for bottles and various stuff.

    Hope the boy is feeling better.

  5. Liv says: Reply

    I HATE when kids are sick. Dani is sick again. Only 2 weeks ago she had pink eye. I swear it is almost enough to make me want to homeschool so that she won’t be exposed to viruses. Keep an eye on the cough. Dani is getting over a respiratory infection (croup). I had it every spring when I was a kid. She had to inherit that from me…go figure.

  6. mom says: Reply

    Isn’t it the absolute worst feeling in the world when your little one is sick. It’s quite visible to the rest of us that his first cries for mama & daddy were gonna happen when he really needed you and guess what…he does. You’re giving him what he needs…security and love and now the biggest payoff…he’s telling you that! Give him some extra hugs and kisses from Babada and Dedu!!!!!!

  7. Nathe says: Reply

    Poor lil guy.
    We had the same junk go through our house last month…starting with the fever, shivers and cough then the lingering icky stuff.

    It took me three to four days of rest to get through it. Same with Mrs. Nathe.

    Get better, and let us know if there’s anything we can bring over to help mama, dada or Oleg!

  8. Jessica says: Reply

    Congrats on Oleg crying! That sounds so odd to say/write, but it’s true! It sounds like croup to me, too. Did you try a steamy shower? Or taking him outside (if it’s cold, that is)? Both were recommended to us when Quin had the croup a couple of months ago. The coughing does sound horrible; I found that singing to Quin while he had a coughing fit helped calm him down, and I know both of you can sing! ๐Ÿ™‚ You might not need any medications if it’s a light touch of croup, but it is hard on parents until they get over it. One of the “fun” parts of being the stay-at-home is being up at night with the sick kid! Good luck getting some sleep!!

  9. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ugh, he sounds like he was really miserable last night. Poor guy.. Although, congrats on the monumental step! That’s awesome :). Maybe this will start a trend with him now!!

  10. DebiP says: Reply

    Elle you are always worth comment in my book…and CRY BABY BOY CRY…makes mommy feel good to know you can and she will come running every time!!! Now, go get some sleep L.

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