Sounds of the Season

Through the baby monitor I hear a gentle rocking sound. It is the sound of my husband making a grand attempt to put our son to sleep. As I kissed the baby and walked out of the room I whispered, “good luck.” The boy has a nasty habit of being incredibly difficult to put to sleep after being over stimulated. Needless to say Christmas was a bit overstimulating. Poor kid got tons and tons of stuff but every time he would open a gift we would tell him later and give him another. Imagine this house after house for 2 days! He has all of this new stuff and hasn?t really been able to play with all of it. I?d be a little irked too. In fact, I got some cool toys for Christmas that I haven?t been able to play with either.

Our Holiday found us in good spirits. Great food, family and fun. Isn?t that what the season is all about?

No, I didn?t get a pretty new pair of shoes. I didn?t get a car with a big red bow. And I must admit I?m a little jealous of Sig?s fancy new fridge. I received the best gift of all. My little one cuddling with me in the morning and smiling. I love the gifts I did receive. How can one not be thrilled about a digitizer. But waking up to that shining little face was the all I could ever wish for.’, ‘All is calm, all is bright’

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