Today my child was an angel for me.? For his father, he was a shit.? Nothing like having a nice trip to accu-land just to have it brought down my someone jabbing a 16 gauge needle in your arm and then coming home to your husband who tells you the child didn’t nap, threw his snack and every other toy he owns.? Talk about bad Qi.? Although the needle doc did give me some new herbs to combat the fact that it’s January and I either want to crawl under a rock or mow someone down with my car.

I finally made it to the lab this afternoon to have some blood work done.? Thus the 16 gauge needle.? Damn.? Do all phlebotomists hate people or what?? Chick got the needle in on the first try, but I think it poked out the back side of my arm alongside my elbow in the process.

Why am I having blood work?? I’d like to say it is for something fun like a round with an RE, but let’s be honest.? We all know that’s not going to happen any time soon.? No.? Shortly after Thanksgiving I started having really odd heart palpitations.? The kind that had me laying in bed at night thinking I was going to be one of those medical journal “rare cases” of a woman with a heart attack in her early thirties.? So crazy that I scheduled the appointment with the regular doc.? On my own.? Doc hooked me up to an EKG machine, asked me all kinds of questions, but found nothing odd.? She asked if I was stressed.? I lied.? I told her no.? I didn’t want the “you need to cut back” lecture.? She proceeded to order blood work to rule out thyroid issues, anemia and other possible things.? A week later my heart was somewhat normal and I got busy.

I had fully planned on not having the blood work done.? Why the hell do I want someone to go rooting around in my puny veins in the off chance I might need to eat more spinach.? However, for the past week I’ve felt like I wanted to urp every afternoon.? The trusty husband comes home to find me laying in the fetal position on the couch and the boy poking me in the eye with a crayon saying, “Mommy, wanna play wit me?”? I know what you are thinking.? “Elle, did you take a pregnancy test?”? I assure you.? That isn’t it.? Really.? If it were you should inform the holy rollers of the second coming of Christ.

Needless to say, I went to the lab.? The results remain to be seen.? Rest assured, internets, you’ll be the first to know.

In the mean time, I’m trying to cut down on stress.? And eat more spinach.

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  1. Well, you did just rule out my first instinct. The others include stress, sugar and coffee. But those are all based on personal experience … so I don’t inflict them upon you.

  2. Rebecca says: Reply

    I’ve also had Panic Attacks that resembled that. Your ACU guy can help you with that, if it turns out to be the case.

  3. Doesn’t sound like much fun…hope you just need to eat more spinach (although the current iron pills I am taking for my anemia might well make an elephant gag).

  4. kristin says: Reply

    Have you researched vit- D? It is suppose to help with January blues! Just a thought. THe heart thingy could be all the Starbucks? I have that if I drink too much pop!

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I just had lab work too… I hate when they change vials and SNAP the new vial in so hard…. Yowza.

    get some rest, take good care of yourself… and yes spinach would not hurt

  6. I hear a case of wine is beneficial to one’s health. I’m working on my first one now…

  7. Kevin says: Reply

    I have the opposite problem. Big tasty veins, but I hate needles with a passion in that part of my arm. I even got light headed when Jen have her epidural. Hrmmmm. My first tattoo appointment this friday should be interesting.


  8. mom says: Reply

    Dear God in heaven, it sounds like panic attacks. Once again…being adopted, genetically speaking, the major influence on your characteristics seems to come from me. I’m so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me tonight after 6.
    Love you, Mom

  9. Jenny says: Reply

    I soo need the needles, maybe when we aren’t super house poor I will be able to afford some. Panic attack, pregnant, whatever, I hope you are ok. I had an ekg due to anxiety attacks. no fun.

  10. Lee says: Reply

    Could it be the “Ass-tea” and the herbs? Did you tell the doc you were taking them? From a medical stand-point, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the doc know this bit of information.
    Also, from a worried SIS stand-point, let me know what’s up ASAP, too!
    Love you and take care of yourself!

  11. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh I hope you are feeling better too. You know, its weird, because this SAME thing happened to me a few months ago to find I had that heart arythmia. And, when I am stressed or overcaffeinated it really kicks up. Especially at night in bed.

  12. I hope you’re feeling better! Definitely get it checked out – it’s better to know and deal with it, then not and stress about what it might be. I know you’re healthy, so it’s probably just stress and caffeine. Weren’t you supposed to cut back in college and not drink it much (if at all) since then?

  13. Lena says: Reply

    Please take care of yourself and give yourself a break. Want good news.

    On a sidenote, I thought it was funny that boy behaved badly for TH, personally I secretly think it is great when husband gets a dose of bad kid behavior so that they actually believe you when you complain.

  14. kate says: Reply

    hmmmm…don’t like the sound of this.

    what kind of a ridiculous doctor asks a person if they’re stressed? who over the age of consent isn’t?

  15. Wow, that was me a year ago- only add hair falling out, can’t sleep, dizzy spells, and moodiness. I was diagnosed STRESS and sent home to meditate. Since you already do the accupuncture- all I can say is…. indulge yourself with some weekly Reiki massage. That has been another wonder of this world for me.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  16. Hope things turn out to be just stress…. in the meantime, how’s your eyeball from all the crayon poking?

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