Sorry about that…

I had a moment there. Let’s just move past the post where Elle says her cousin is attractive. I don’t really want to be labeled any more of a redneck than I already am.

I must say that currently the Life of Elle is quite boring. Granted I am up to my eyeballs in projects, but there isn’t really anything of particular interest. Look for a few new blog designs to come out pretty soon.

I unearthed my office a little. Evidently I have 2 desks in here! Who would have thunk it? I am still doing a little freaking out about that whole parenting thing. Still not quite sure what to feed this thing when it arrives, but I suppose I will figure it out.

On a totally unrelated subject I have to recommend a book to all of my readers. On most days I am a pretty smart person. I love to read and read just about everything. I do tend to shy away from trashy romance novels and anything suggested by Oprah, but that is a whole different story. I picked up one of the greatest books I have ever read. I know you have all heard about it. The book is Freakonomics. This book if fantastic. I was quite in the need of a good dendrite fluffing (oh, you will hear that phrase from me on occasion). The guys who wrote this are geniuses. They really do look at the hidden side of everything. It will simply astonish you as to how clueless we are to the pressures of “conventional wisdom.”

There you have it. Elle’s very own little book club. Pick yourself up a copy of this one today!

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  1. Rhonda says: Reply

    I personally love the idea of a book club. That would be FUN.

  2. California Dreamin' Mama says: Reply

    Hey, I am always into reading a good book. Remember, I am an insomniac…something else to keep me awake ;). Hey, thanks for your post today. I really understand and appreciated what you had to say.

  3. Elle says: Reply

    Margaret, not a self help book at all. It actually is an economics book. Yes I am quite the nerd.

    Jen, I haven’t read “Bargain’s for Toddlers” but I do have “The Toddler Maintenance Guide.” That is soooo a must have. It is hilarious but provides very important information. Great for those of us who have no clue on what to do when a new toddler unit is installed in the home.

  4. jeneflower says: Reply

    Thanks for the book suggestion. Maybe we should start a bloggy book club?

    How about “Bargain’s for Toddlers?”

  5. Margaret says: Reply

    Is it a self-helpy book? I don’t do those. I lost my job a few years back and a friend bought me a copy of “Who Moved My Cheese.” I was so annoyed with her.

  6. Tricia says: Reply

    I think your cousin is a cutie too. Too young for me, so let’s bring back Brad Pitt look-a-likes to admire.

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