Something besides chocolate and dogs

Our world has been overwhelmed with chocolate and animals, but that isn’t all that’s has been going on. ?Besides Thanksgiving.


Look how beautiful that turkey is

The Trusty Mother-in-Law celebrated her birthday. ?I would tell you how old she is, but I’m not mean. ?It doesn’t matter because she’s beautiful. ?See…


This is one of the only photos we have of her with her eyes open. ?And they are even slightly closed. ?You could take a totally candid photo of this woman and she would have her eyes closed. ?I “favorite” family past-time at restaurants is to take photos of each other. ?This just so happened to be the trusty MIL’s birthday lunch. ?We often need to entertain the small child so we whip out the camera (which I always have with me) and take photos. ?It is a great way to capture fun family events.

The same day as the trusty MIL’s birthday, my own mom retired from working in her horrifically craptastic job. ?She’s worked at a grocery store since time and it isn’t even that nice of a grocery store. ?It is full of meth heads, thieves and gypsies. ?It’s a rather skeevy place. ?We brought mom some roses for her last day and to officially say our good byes to the hell hole. ?Because she pretty much had free reign to do whatever she wanted she let the boy check out someone’s order. ?Which I’m sure the customer just loved the day before Thanksgiving.


Congrats Moms!

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  1. Cute but my head probably would have exploded if I was trying to grab a few things the day before Thanksgiving. Serves them right for not planning ahead. Heh.

  2. Karen says: Reply

    As a former “hell hole” employee, myself, I heartily congratulate your Mom. Let the fun begin! Great pictures.

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