What is going on in this house outside of chocolate (of which you only have 4 more days to order)?

Yeah… when you get a great idea that involves going to IKEA and rearranging furniture 5 days before Thanksgiving and 5 days before you immerse yourself in 200 pounds of candy it is probably a bad one.? But I suppose it comes with the territory of ADD.? What I should have done was asked for a Coke and cleaned the floor like I originally anticipated, but nooo.? I had to get all nesty and shit.? I am guessing this is what pregnant women feel like moments before they give birth.? Ohh!? Let’s rip out that closet to make room for a larger shoe rack.? Like that.? Only I’m not pregnant and not expecting additional children any time soon.? Unless you count a new neice or nephew that will (hopefully) arrive some time next year.? I know!? We’ll call it sympathy nesting.? That sound so much less crazy than what it actually was.

Here is the issue.

We repainted our living room/dining room/hall last month.? It is a bright and lovely shade of creamy yellow.? We also painted the wainscotting in the dining room (a nice honey).? With all of that newness I wanted to make my dining room a little more like a dining room.? I’ve always wanted a sideboard.? We had a tall book case in there that seemed rather akward.? I tried antique store for a second hand sideboard, with no luck.? The one I liked was $1100.? So I did some searching at Why wouldn’t I?? I found the one that matches the dining room table I want and in a moment of stupidness I came up with a plan to convince the trusty husband that we neeeeeded this sideboard and how we could arrange all of the furniture to make it fit.? He (reluctantly) agreeed and we spent our Sunday morning in IKEA.

We get home and I unload the book case and build the new cabinet.? Not the original cabinet I went for, but the new one is taller, holds more and was $8 cheaper.? Now here’s where things get complicated.

In order to put the new cabinet where I wanted the tall book case had to go into the yellow room.? The place the book case was intended for was taken by the giant fishtank stand from hell converted to a sideboard*.? The giant fishtank stand from hell converted to a sideboard needed a new home.? I thought my office would be a great place.? Only thing is that would be 1 too many pieces of furniture.? So something had to go.? The sewing desk.

In order to put the fish tank stand from hell converted to now a scrapbooking cabinet/printer stand I had to remove the sewing desk, flip my regular desk from one wall to another, take the book cabinets off the wall and rehang them, move the tall cabinet to another wall, repaint and reinstall all of my computer equipment.

Then I had to take the china out of the fish tank stand from hell converted to a sideboard and put it in the new cabinet so it could become the now scrapbook cabinet/printer stand.


This “great” idea will have taken me 3 days to do because my family room is still a mess.? Not to mention I have a sewing table that I originally thought would come apart, but I broke a dumb IKEA cam bolt and now it’s a desk forever (and won’t fit in my newly cleaned garage).

The good news is that it all fits, looks nice and it motivated me to actually finish the conversion from giant fishtank stand to scrapbooking table/printer stand**.


*Why couldn’t I just use the giant fish tank stand converted to a sideboard as an actual sideboard?? Because it is 18″ deep and wouldn’t fit.? Trust me… I tried.

**I added a 2×4 frame around the top of the fishtank stand and put a tile top on it.? Only problem was I hadn’t sanded or painted the new 2×4 extension piece.? It’s been like that for close to 2 years now.? But now I painted and just have to grout the tile.

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    Maybe if you put a door from teh family room to the Garage, it’d fit?

  2. Heather says: Reply

    sympathy nesting……what? Who is expecting?

  3. mom says: Reply

    My dearest daughter,
    My deepest sympathy’s on your near likeness to me. Nobody ever wants to hear, “You’re just like your mother…”
    I’m so sorry… 🙁

  4. Sandy says: Reply

    All that work and no pictures?

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