So what happened?

Thanks for your validation.? I’m all about the validation.? At some point I like to hear I’m actually doing the right thing.

I let the boy sleep.? By my estimation he fell asleep around 11:40.? I went down to his room periodically and he was out like a light.? I went down at 1:25 and he was finally up.? He repeatedly told me that he didn’t have to take a nap again.? I confirmed this and he was happy.

I didn’t have lunch ready for him because it is one of the choices he gets to make in the day.? I always ask what he wants for lunch.? Yesterday it was Mac n’ Cheese.? Of course this was after I scared the shit out of him by suggesting that he needed to go to the dentist and actually calling to make the appointment.? Poor kid was shaking he was scared so bad.? Fortunately we have 15 days to prepare for it (thanks Auntie G for the dentist book, that will come in handy).

The rest of the day went really well.? We made cookies, which may or may not have made me sick.? (I think it was the raw cookie dough) That was fun.

And for the record it took approximately 10 minutes of playing outside last night before the child freaked out about fireworks.? It’s going to be a long rest of the week.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    We have a book – Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs say Raaah! – also about going to the dentist.

    Can he bring a toy or something that do a test drive for him before he actually has to sit in the dentist chair?

    This is a touchy subject for me … my kids don’t do well but they aren’t terrible either … but I dread even the mention of the D word, it freaks them out.

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I just got a dentist book for Livi from the library ( Berenstain bears), I am about to make her first dental checkup. I do think she has a cavity, despite brushing twice a day…. Darnit

  3. We have a GREAT pediatric dentist. The kids actually like going to see her. The assistants read them books while the dentist works and they get prizes. We love our dentist.

  4. Lauren says: Reply

    random question:

    Would you mind posting your chicken and rice recipe? Somewhere in my head I want to say you did before or that you are not the actual cook of this meal but I could be making things up. đŸ™‚


  5. mom says: Reply

    Take him to a children’s dentist. They specialize in handling kids and parents! I’ve heard it makes a huge difference when it comes to reassuring little ones fears!

  6. Lee says: Reply

    We love our pediatric dentist, too. B was scared the first time (same age) and it helped that I had taken her to the office to MAKE the appointment. They were extremely good to her, gave her a tour of the office, toy and video room and all. When we went back for the actual appointment, she was apprehensive but not as scared as if I just sprung it on her. She did not, however, make it through the X-ray taking. They said that was perfectly fine (and normal) and not to worry, they would try again next visit. Which they did and it wasn’t even an issue. They explained everything in Kids-speak and put the child (and parents) at ease. Talking about the steps that will happen when he gets there is a tremendous help, too.

  7. Suz says: Reply

    I just read about you and Tricia (and fams) meeting up!

    I’m so sad it didn’t work out for us. We were so cram packed with schedule traveling with 91 other people in our group that there was just not any time at all.

    We really want to come back to Seattle one day and spend more time in that area.

  8. That is a good idea to decide ahead of time what he gets to make choices about. I will have to think about that some more.

    Would he like to try a sparkler? Kids usually like those.

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