So that worked out well

About once a year I seriously mess up my website.? This year was no exception.? I just didn’t expect it to happen on the 3rd day of the year.? You see… WordPress has this handy feature that tells you when there is an upgrade.? It has even gotten so handy to add in an automatic upgrade feature for tards like me.? What’s more, I’ve had an automatic upgrade widget installed for about 2 years that basically does the same thing as the WordPress nag.? So I have twice the nagging to upgrade my blog.? Kinda like having both of my grandmothers in the same room at the same time.

I got bored last night so I thought I would take care of the upgrade.? I started with the WordPress upgrade (since there are auto upgrade widgets, but most of the time they don’t work).? I skimmed the error message, something about database blah blah blah.? Lots of words and I didn’t read them.? So I moved onto the third party widget.? Lo and behold it actually worked.? Like better than it had ever worked in the past.? That is until I got to the very end where it had upgraded all of my files and then I got to the database upgrade portion.? I get an error message about database not being the right kind.? UNDO UNDO UNDO!? Wait, shit, no undo button!? Crap.

A very long and frustrating story somewhat shorter, one that involves me calling the help desk and the downloading of all kinds of programs and reading SQL code and the trusty husband not getting me a cookie when he got up to get himself a cookie it still didn’t work.? At which point I said eff this and went to bed.

Magically, my site was not fixed in the morning.? I’m still a little pissed at the internet for not taking care of that for me.

Then I had to haul my 400 pound laptop down to the trusty in-laws house today so I could try to fix it.? More downloading of programs and still no cookies later I finally gave up.? I downgraded my site to a former version of WordPress, but have lost all of my sidebar widgets for the time being because my test site is where I hide all of code for various things and me, being smart, didn’t bring the password for that site because I couldn’t be even smarter and change the password for it to something that I could actually remember.

The good news is I still have a website.? The bad news is I still have to upgrade and my site is just a hair larger than the maximum upload amount for the database upgrade.

The trusty husband says I should leave well enough alone.? Think I should listen to him?

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    Hells no, don’t leave well enough alone! Upgrade, we know you have that secret BDSM side to you!

    But seriously, if you need help on the SQL side of things, let me know… I stare at the damn stuff all day long.

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