So cute it hurts*

Today is the Valentine’s Day party at preschool. ?Now normally I despise Valentine’s Day. ?It is nothing more than a holiday made up by card, candy and lingerie companies. ?It’s silly. ?I don’t need a special holiday to tell the trusty husband that I love him. ?However, when it comes to preschool parties, I’m a sucker.

You see, the boy is a lady killah. ?He lurves him some girls. ?When I ask him what he does on the playground at school he says he plays “mystery girls” with the 3 girls in his class. ?At the preschool Christmas party I walked in to my son telling me that “me and Norma are going to marry ourselves.” ?This child is absolutely in love with this girl.

So the premise of a preschool Valentine’s Day party is that the children bring valentine’s for their friends, parents bring goodies for the party, we look at preschool artwork, sit in very tiny chairs and ohh and ahh over the cuteness of it all.

Being the overly perfectionist and crazy good mother that I am, I always insist on making valentines. ?I just can’t see spending the money on stupid crap. ?I can make my own stupid crap and spend the money on what the kids really want… candy.

The boy and I spent the afternoon yesterday making brownies (that I’ll give you the recipe for tomorrow) and making valentines. ?We made all of the valentines and then I asked him which one was for which classmate. ?This is the only one with a personalized note:


*Melissa mentioned that she liked the valentines. I used the template for my seed packets, but left off the top flap. I traced them onto the back of scrapbook paper (that I let the boy pick 5 of his favorite papers) and then he helped me cut them out. We used double stick tape to hold them together and I printed simple labels that said “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I wrote the to and from and he decorated them with little heart stickers. We put a little candy inside each one. Very simple. I don’t think I could have pushed him to do much more than for his class, but that’s fine since we don’t really do valentine’s around here.

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  1. Ah, young love. So sweet.

  2. Love it! My boy is a lady killah, too. What is it with our little Russian studmuffins?! šŸ™‚ And I love your homemade valentines. I had decided to do handmade ones this year, too, but I couldn’t get Iliya to want to do any for family, so I knew that 22 for the kids in his class just wouldn’t fly, either. So tonight, we’re going to try the family ones once again…we’ll see how it goes.

  3. kim hartman says: Reply

    Just too precious. Should get my Sea Salt Carmels today, Thank you for the bestest valentine’s day gift I get to give to my hubby and goblins at home!

  4. mom says: Reply

    It may not be your thing but it looks as if it’s O’s! I like that you weren’t a party pooper and had fun with it. Oh… he’s gonna be a lady killer, that’s for sure!

  5. MIL says: Reply

    Dad and I both laffed over the “love story” of O and Norma!! I hope we’re still alive when it’s time for O’s “wedding” . . . after all, young lurve is a force to be reckoned with!! :-)) MIL

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