Snort because you wanna

I had a post written all fancy like just waiting for me to embed a video.? But my stupid ass (and by that I mean lovely little hand held beautiful pocket) video recorder decided to say “camcorder full” 2 minutes before I finished recording what I wanted to record.? Instead you get this.


At lunch I informed the trusty husband that we were actually going to have the enchiladas tonight that were on the menu last week (that’s what we were supposed to have Tuesday, but I didn’t make it and I still can’t remember what I made last Tuesday).? The conversation sounded like this:

Elle: I’m making enchiladas tonight because Michelle posted her guacamole recipe.

Trusty Husband: It’s guacamole.? How hard can it be?? Avocados and some lime juice.

Elle: Evidently a little more complicated than that.? Her recipe calls for bacon.

Trusty Husband: you had me at bacon.


The day started out sunny today so I thought I would put on short pants (Capris in Elle).? I have a few pair that make my ass look a little large so I pulled out my trusty Tommy Hillfiger jeans.? Loves me some Tommy.? They are a few years old and worn, but comfy and lovely.? The boy and I go to the vegetable store and the grocery this morning.? I do some work (by that I mean working on next month’s theme) while the child is sleeping and when he wakes up we head out to buy the cats some food.? I hop in my car (which has rough upholstery) and thought something was stuck to my butt.? Nope.? Didn’t see anything on the seat.? Half way to the store I feel that thing on my butt again.? I check again.? Nope, nothing on the seat, but uh oh… yeah… there’s a giant hole in the ass of my pants.


Jens hooked me on to (s)motheringsuburbia.? Damn that girl’s funny.? I was reading this post tonight and actually snorted I was laughing so much.? Ok, I snorted on purpose.? And I liked it.

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  1. Noooo!!!!!!

    Ask me about my bleah-bleah story in person sometime. I will not write it.

  2. Hope the guac turned out well (and the bacon is optional but who doesn’t love bacon?).

    And perhaps you missed the story of the giant hole in my skirt last week? Ahhh…good times flashing my ass to all of Nashville. My version of southern hospitality.

  3. that blog, smother…is the funniest thing I have read in a while. you know just true snark all the time. I found it right when she started and go for my daily snort as well!

  4. Ree says: Reply

    The sun is finally out here today….and I’m stuck inside…

    I’d risk a hole in the ass of my pants to get outside.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    Love guac, but never had it with bacon

    sounds yummy

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