Slowly but surely

Just for fun I’m going to do a giveaway this month.? Seems as I always find something to give away in November.? This time you don’t have to get all fancy and turn your blog purple or anything.? See the stat counter on the right?? Right under where it says “Are you #200,000?”? I’m reaching my 200,000th hit soon.? If you are the person to be my 200,000th visitor you will win your choice of a 1/2 dozen Sweet Hope Truffles, a Stella Coom eyepillow, a $10 iTunes gift card or a $10 Starbucks gift card.

To win: if you are the 200,000th visitor take a screen shot of (well) your screen and send it to me at If you are darn close (199,997-200,003) do one too.? The person closest to 200,000 will be the winner.

Good luck.? Hits are racking up quickly.


I do want to thank everyone who has ordered chocolates so far.? At the moment we are at $617.? Not bad for the first week.

Packaging may be a little different than I first mentioned.? We took an inventory of what was in our packaging stock and we are looking pretty good on the red boxes.? I thought it would be more fiscally responsible to use up the boxes we have rather than paying for new ones, just because of a color.? It’s recycling in a different kind of way.? Don’t worry.? Your chocolates are packed in new boxes that have been in sealed containers.? I’m not out to kill anyone here.

There is one glitch on the Sweet Hope site.? We are aware that the donate button is not working.? If you would like to make a donation you may do so by contacting me at I will send you the information for making a donation.

If your aren’t so much into candy this holiday season I am also raising Sweet Hope funds by giving 50% of my proceeds from my Etsy shop to the organization.? So if you are in the market for a few Christmas items and have a large population of diabetics or dieters in your family consider that option.? I hope to have a few new items up next week.

But just as a reminder you have until the 28th to complete your truffle or caramel purchase. I’m not being pushy or anything am I?

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    I understand that you may in need of assistence during shipping week. Please let me know when/how I can help.

  2. How does one do a screen shot? I feel a little bit like a dunce…

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