Skipping town

The Trusty Family is skipping town for a few days to go look at some flowers that are more or less not open yet.? So mostly it will be the three of us standing around in a field of mud seeing as it is supposed to rain this weekend.? Get three great days and I go on vacation and it rains.? And of course we don’t have any money so basically we are vacationing in the burgeoning capital of flowersville, LaConner, WA.? Who the hell goes on vacation to LaConner, WA?? Me evidently.? Because I like walking through fields of mud and sleeping on an air mattress at a friend’s house.

So since I am on vacation I am charging you with entertaining me once I get back.? I am going to be 3 days without internet so I’ll need a good laugh once I get home.

Now’s your chance.? Delurk!? I may or may not give out valuable (scans desk for something exciting) mediocre prizes.? Ok, I’ll pick something up on my trip.? Oh don’t give me that look.? It will be good I promise.

This isn’t to say just delurk and say, “hi, I’m Susie from Oklahoma.”? You have to put some feeling into it.? So we’ll make it fun (mostly so my regular readers can play along).

If you could be any kind of shoe, what kind would it be and why?? Now………go.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    I’d be a double A in a not so petite 10. A master of many faces. Beginning with tennies, boots, casuals, and all others of which one with skinny feet can only dream of. Tomorrow, returning shoes of medium width sold to feet like kayaks.
    Hope you three have fun on your getaway, putting all chores and responsibility’s of home and work on hold!
    love ya, mom

  2. Neelie says: Reply

    Oh, this is a fun game…very Barbara Walteresque!

    I would be a mule, because I’ve been told (not that it’s true!) that I am a little teeny tiny bit strubborn….

  3. Tracy says: Reply

    Delurking to play your game….My name is Tracy and I live in Nashville TN. We have 2 adopted children-a 3 year old girl from China and a 20 month old boy from Vientam. I found your site several months ago and have really enjoyed reading it. Now since as you call tell from my delurking intro, I am not a very creative writer here is my shoe choice. I would be a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes (any color/style)…why you ask? Because first I have never seen a pair and would love to (I only know the name because of Sex in the City-which I Googled and spelled Milano Blanc…lol). Plus they are so NOT me, but who wouldn’t want to be a sleek sexy expensive pair of shoes.

    Have fun in the flower capital of WA, I am from Washington (E. Wenatchee-used to be the apple capital of the world ya know- and Seattle) and I have never heard of LaConnor.

  4. Sara says: Reply

    I’m Sara from some military installation!

    If I were a shoe, I would probably be a flip flop, because they are comfy and reliable. That’s just me!!

    Hope you have a great vacation, even if it’s not “exotic”!

  5. A Mary Jane. Simple with a bit of sass.

  6. Ronda Farrell says: Reply

    I always loved the tulips in La Conner. Enjoy.

    If I were a shoe I would be a velvety soft leather italian loafer. Beautiful design mixed with amazing comfort. Besides, what could be better than to loaf around Italy?! I love a good mix of style and design with something that fits my life interests. This is true of work, play and family.

    My name is Ronda, I live in Park City, Utah and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and three year old son, both adopted from Ekaterinburg, Russia 8/07.

    Thanks for all the great writing Elle.


  7. Tricia says: Reply

    I will vouch for the cuteness of Ronda’s children as I just saw them in person.

  8. Lena says: Reply

    Funny you should ask about shoes … the one shoe I’ve been thinking about lately is a good ol’ fashion clog.

    Of course, it has to be a Swedish clog.

    Why do I want to be a clog?

    Well, clogs are comfy (when you’re done breaking them in) and can serve as hammers or spider-killers in a pinch and be used as sound effects (stomp, stomp) … not to mention, it could probably used as a concealed weapon … something like that sounds about right when I think back on childhood summers and swinging higher and higher while wearing clogs.

    And they come in lots of lots of colors!

    I may or may not purchase a pair on my upcoming trip.

  9. Jenny says: Reply

    high heeled black pointy boot…to me my favorite most flattering look….

    Have a great time!

  10. Have a great time with the flowers and mud! I keep looking out my back window, hoping to see a crocus coming through the snow remnants, but I’m starting to think that the 3-year-olds may have compacted the snow too much to see a mid-April flower. Sigh. At least you have flowers in early and mid-April! I have mud, though; lots and lots of mud.

    A shoe… from she-who-owns-less-shoes-than-her-husband?? Probably a plain running shoe – something that is practical and takes a beating on the pavement of life, yet keeps going for the goal. I’m *trying* to get in shape to walk a 1/2 marathon, and now that I know about “creative lacing,” it’s changed my opinion of wearing running shoes – they’re comfortable again!

  11. Rebecca says: Reply

    Hmmm. Hi, its Rebecca from Tenafly NJ. Okay. I would e an Aerosole because they are so comfortable and yet they look really nice too so no one knows that your feet don’t hurt. LOL!!

  12. hmmm… flip flops, the good ‘ol worn in kind. Slip on. Slip off. Shuffle around like a gramma. Comfy and easy. love em!

  13. willow says: Reply

    i would be a shoe with multiple personalities so i could be whichever kind i wanted to be! even if it was involuntary and only in my mind 🙂
    how can you pick just one kind?
    if i had to pick one color it would be red so i could be sassy and classy and funky and cute all day and everyday!

  14. You ordered entertainment, and it arrived up here, with about 7 inches of snow. I would be happy to send it down your way!!!

  15. Rhonda says: Reply

    I would be a winter snowboot…because if I was a sandal, that would mean I would be in the sun. And then, I would get sunburned and peel, and you know the redhead drill. I need to be out of the sun.

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