Singer Featherweight

So you all know my sewing machine died right? ?If you weren’t paying attention… it did. ?My very expensive, fairly new sewing machine. ?I broke it. ?It is currently being fixed and I am without a sewing machine. ?I haven’t been without one in many many years and it is like having an arm cut off.

I had a conversation about this with my trusty MIL and she mentioned something about letting me borrow Bunny’s* old Singer. ?She brought back 1 or 2 sewing machines when Bunny moved out here and she thought the Singer was accessible.

Monday afternoon we had lunch with the trusty in-laws and I thought I’d ask again for the Singer before we left. ?We found it in a closet and I was a little stunned when she pulled out the box. ?I knew it was Bunny’s “old” machine, but I didn’t know it was circa 1964. ?Yes, my sewing and crafty friends, I now am the proud borrower of a 1964 Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine. ?The machine is complete with accessory box and needles still in their original packaging (costing $.30).

This morning I pulled the machine out of the case just to see what condition it was in. ?Bunny took impeccable care of everything she owned, but this machine hadn’t been used in a very long time. ?To my surprise it was in perfect condition. ?The belt is a little dry and I’m not sure it will take much use so I ordered a new one, but other than that everything is in perfect working order.

I have never sewn on a machine that sews so perfectly. ?Even my very nice and expensive Viking is not this perfect. ?There is nary a plastic piece on this machine save a few knob covers. ?It is small and will not likely do some of the major stuff I do, but it will finish the silk skirt I started and the gift I have for Kathou’s little girl.

The only problem with the machine is that I will have to give it back. ?I’ve sewn one line with it and I’m totally in love.



*Bunny is the Trusty Husband’s grandmother who passed away shortly after we brought the boy home.

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  1. type (little) a says: Reply

    My mom still uses a Singer just like this one. It’s what I learned to sew on. I’ve tried new machines (all plastic! bleh!), and I’ll always love the old ones.

  2. Elaine says: Reply

    You are so lucky. I’ve never had the opportunity to use one but I’ve heard they are wonderful. Maybe you can have it on long term loan. 🙂

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