Shrove Tuesday

I am very aware that today is Ash Wednesday and not Shrove Tuesday. I know this very well since I spent the whole day yesterday trying to get some kind of printing device to print the bulletin for tonight’s service. The fuser is going out on my laser jet and our fancy dancy, hooked to the computer RISOgraph copier hates me. I can print the newsletter, but not the stupid bulletin. After much struggle, cursing and crumpling of paper I got it done. Whew!

So our Youth and Family Ministry team puts on a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feast every year. It is supposed to be a fundraising event for youth activities. This year the funds are going to our 8 youth attending the National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, TX. (of which D and I are 2 of the adult counselors. TX is July… yeah…) In years past the Pancake feast has not been as well attended as it should have been. Which is unfortunate because it is a super fun event. We make masks, eat pancakes for dinner and have a pancake flipping contest.

D decided that he wanted to start a new program at our church to advertise events such as the Pancake feast. Thus Video Ministry. It is a great program. Our highschool youth shoot commercials, church events and just plain fun stuff all in attempt to showcase the life in our congregation. The kids put together a commercial for the Feast and we showed it during church. The congregation loved it! Best yet… IT WORKED!! We got twice the turn out for the Feast than ususal. Good job kids.

So my Shrove Tuesday was spent in the church kitchen flipping hundreds of pancakes and trying to herd teenagers. Let me tell you this is almost as fun as herding toddlers. I have determined that teenagers are much like lemmings. And this is the group of youth that I am going to take on a plane to Texas?! God help me, what have I gotten myself into?

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