Shoo Fly

Thanks to everyone for the opinions on the hair. ?Whip out a good hair post and y’all comment. ?I have such thrilling content these days.

I am counting the hours until the trusty husband comes home tonight. ?Not because life had been?particularly?difficult with him gone, but because there is a fly in our house. ?My inner Buddhist won’t kill it (although I hold no mercy for mosquitos, spiders or tent caterpillars), I can’t find a way to lure it outside without letting the cats out and that damn fat cat won’t get off of her ass and catch it like she usually does. ?I don’t blame her. ?It’s hot. ?I wouldn’t want to exert that much energy if I were that fat and covered in fur. ?This is no ordinary fly either. ?This is the mack daddy of all flies. ?I don’t think it’s a horsefly, but either way it is huge. ?At this point you are thinking, it’s a fly, who the hell cares?

My child.

This child of mine does not like anything that is unpredictable. ?If he doesn’t know exactly how something works it is the end of the universe. ?Take for instance a pine cone (oh the damn pine cones). ?Pine Cones fall off of trees in an unpredictable manner. ?They could resemble the shape of a bug. ?Bugs have the potential to make noise. ?Pine Cones also have the potential to make noise if you step on them. ?Thus unpredictable and scary to a certain 4 year old. ?Enter the mother who cured the child of this fear by holding him down and making him touch the pine cone. ?Which totally backfired on me when the child did figure out they weren’t scary and now they are the. coolest. thing. ever! ?Sadly, I cannot catch a fly and make him hold it.

Flies buzz about in an unpredictable manner thus causing my child to scream as if someone is killing him. ?I am not joking on that one. ?If I didn’t know there was a fly in the house I would think that the boy had fallen off of the top of his bed or that there was an intruder in the house. ?Unfortunately, that is not the case and it is just a damn fly and I’m losing my patience. ?I need the trusty husband to come home and a) get rid of the damn fly and b) be the calm and nurturing parent and explain to his son that there is nothing to be afraid of. ?Because my, “get over it” simply isn’t working.

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  1. I despise “OMG”, but I’m going to have to say OMG I LOVE the new look! It feels so fresh and happy and summer.

  2. i love the new look, too. i hope it’s not offensive to you if i say it looks very “mac.” 🙂

  3. Joel413 says: Reply

    Flies are a pain in her majesty’s backside, and I have only recently discovered that cats can grab them out of mid air.

    I also know the pain of bloody harm screaming child when a fly is about. But now it’s not ‘AAAEEEEIIII’ It’s “THAT’S AN AMERICAN HOUSEFLY!!!! DAAAAAD!! LOOOOK! AN AMERICAN HOUSEFLY!!!”

    Thanks Montessori.

  4. Joel413 says: Reply

    P.S. I love teh rainbow slinky ‘elle’

  5. I love the new look!

    Been there, done that. Both of my kids are scared of mosquitoes. Um, we live in Alaska, where our state bird *is* the mosquito. So I’ve taught them that mosquitoes just want to tickle them. I’ve also tried “it’s just a fly, it won’t hurt you; it’s more scared of you than you are of it” but that doesn’t work very well. Good luck!!

  6. Kim says: Reply

    I lovure me the new Elle Look.

    Sorry no assvice on the fly situation.

    Hurry Home Derek.

  7. Lena says: Reply

    Love the new look!

    Unfortunately, I have no good advice on how to get rid of flies … at least you have a cat that in theory could catch it. I don’t even have a cat, so I would have to chase the darn fly myself.

  8. Wendy says: Reply

    No advice but my little guy is also freaked by flies. I gave him his own fly swatter and that helped some, until he swatted his brother and the screaming commenced again. Maybe you could name it and tell him it is his new pet???? (kidding!)

  9. I love this layout!

    My son is afraid to flush the toilet, if that helps…

  10. mom says: Reply

    You need to go out and capture some bugs! Use an old jar with holes punched in the top. Then Show “O” compassion by setting them free.
    When and where is our next adventure gonna be? I’m definitely ready.
    I too like the new look!

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