I’m in a fairly bad mood today* so we all get to see something to cheer me up. ?I know that I’m the one in the bad mood, but this is too cute not to share. ?I also know that this is a rerun. ?However it was posted almost 3 years ago. ?Where did my baby go?

*bad mood is a result of crappy thing piled on crappy thing. 1)asking the child to put his socks on is like asking him to die. Or at least it sounds the same. 2)roof guys called to reschedule for tomorrow. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. 3)my iPod tuner isn’t working. I don’t have the patience to fix it.

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  1. This made me smile. Time sure flies.

  2. mom says: Reply

    Every year is a miraculous, watching him change but man alive… lets slooooow it down. (sobs… sigh… smile)

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    love it

  4. Willow says: Reply

    seriously, just stop with the cuteness!!! i just love that little boy! will i even recognize him when his little bitty voice changes someday??? i love the bitty voice!

  5. Kim says: Reply

    really great video. I love to hear his voice and see how far he has come…

  6. Lee says: Reply

    So stinkin’ cute! I had forgotten about that high little baby voice.
    Hugs handsome man from Auntie Lee!

  7. Auntie G says: Reply

    Wow! It’s too easy to remember him as a baby. He voice cracks me up. Love that kid! Kisses from Auntie G

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