I stare at this photo and wonder.  I wonder what their life is really like.

I know.  I know it’s not good.  I know that this is not how children should be raised.  I know they should have someone to kiss them goodnight.  I know they should have someone to read them a bedtime story.  I know that a birthday party should happen because they are turning 7, not because someone sent money.

This past week I was asked to tell the story of my son’s life prior to becoming a member of our family.  I haven’t had to do that in a long time.  I thought about what that looked like and remembered that he’s not the only one.  There are millions of children around the world in that same situation.

This photo only shows 7 faces.  Seven out of the near 80 that live in this orphanage.  Eighty children who do not know that someone should read them a bedtime story.  Eighty that have never had anyone kiss them goodnight.  Eighty who had a birthday party last year only because someone sent money.  It may have been the only birthday party they’ve ever had.  They had to celebrate it with 80 other children.

Sweet Hope is more than just selling candy.  It is more than just sending money to a place in a far off country.  As Sweet Hope grows so does our ability to really make a difference in the lives of these children.  We will still send money, but we also need to personally speak to the director of this orphanage.  We need to work together to come up with a plan to truly make a difference in their lives.  We have ideas.  We just need the resources to do it.

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  1. renee martens says: Reply

    It haunts me… especially when Oleg and I snuggle. I remember that sad, confused little face. 🙁

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