Serves him right

Thanks for the compliments on the handbag. If I had it to do over I would change a few things. But all in all I like the over all design. The fabric isn’t that bad. Just a little over the top retro 70’s.

So today is one of those days. When the child whines about everything and anything. Like that the cursor on the computer “fell off” even though the gigantic triangle is right. there. Yes, I let him play kid’s computer games while I work on sewing projects. He’s smart like that. Ok, it’s more of letting him push the buttons and use the mouse without totally reprogramming my computer or turning on some weird Arabic encoding that I can’t turn off.

But what gets me is where the trusty husband is. He’s golfing. Fucker.

It is a beautiful day. 75 and sunny. I am at home with McScreamy while Derek is having a great time on the golf course. His parting words were, “you’d be home alone with him all day if I were at work. So what’s the big deal?”

What’s the big deal? At least at work he’s confined to his little office and forced to stare at a computer screen all day. We both are in a bit of misery. While today, I am here telling the child to stop playing peek-a-boo with the cat with my dirty underwear and cleaning up poop. And him? Taking advantage of the beer cart when it comes around testing out his new driver.

He’ll tell you it’s because he didn’t get to play when he was on vacation. Fair enough. He didn’t get to play, but we did other stuff like went to the beach, went to Northwest Trek. Fun things. He also said, “well, we get to have fun family day all day tomorrow.” Yeah, but we’re bringing the kid with us.

So then I get this text message on my phone this morning. It says, “I forgot my lunch.” You see… my sorry excuse for a wonderful and bright husband made himself a lunch because they were starting at noon. Which he left sitting on the counter. My response… “he he he.” Serves you right.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    C wants to start playing golf on fridays because they have met their quota and he wants to scale back the business….I say WHAT? 1st, get me as much money as possible. And golf isn’t working! Damn men!

  2. 1.5 millionth reason to reamian single. I don’t have to worry about someone leaving me for golf to take care of the kiddo since I have to take care of her anyway.


  3. chou2 says: Reply

    You would be home w/McScreamy anyway if he were at work??!?!?!?

    That reasoning ranks in the top 10 all-time LAME excuses. Men have an amazing capacity for finding a way to justify (to themselves, at least) why they get to do what they wants to do, and not feel bad about it.

    I don’t love being single, but I’m with Beverly on this one!!

    This weekend, I say, leave the boys together and go spend a long day off with your girlfriends.

  4. NEAL says: Reply

    Ah, I hope you were able to enjoy his lunch.

    When he gets home, go to the “store”, come back in 3 hours.

  5. I say you get a free day on Saturday or Sunday to go out and get a massage or have lunch with friends while hubby stays home with McScreamy (maybe it is going around…I have Miss McWhineypants today).

  6. Heather says: Reply

    I am just as pissed as you are!!!!!! We have 600 + square feet of floor to pull up by Monday and he decides to come home early, see the kids and then leaves to golf with your hubby. So I am completely pissed off all day, had to clean, pull up floor, clean all closets/pantry/other places he forgot and deal with 2 McWhineypants and Screamies all day.

  7. kate says: Reply

    I think O would’ve loved to drive around in the golf cart with Daddy.

  8. TraciB says: Reply

    I just don’t get it… I do not see how women around the world sit at home while husbands are fishing, golfing, riding 4 wheelers, going to topless bars, ect. ect. ect. Doesn’t happen here -period. For every “he goes out to play”, I get a day of he stays home with kids and I go out to play. Pretty soon hubby is Mr. Family Man and quite happy to spend time with me and the boys having various fun days.
    Fair is fair. Oh I forgot- NO TOPLESS BARS EVER! We just DONT GO THERE.

    Women- DO NOT BE RUN OVER!!! Make rules and enforce them!

  9. Esther says: Reply

    If I got that text, I would have sent back the message “you forgot your wife”…..

  10. Rhonda says: Reply

    You totally should have taken a pic of yourself eating his lunch, and sent it to his cellphone.

  11. Jenny says: Reply

    Rock on sweetheart. I think the “going to the store” advice is spot on.

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