See how that works

I get myself my own website and I stop posting. Sorry about that. Maintaing two blogs can be difficult. I am trying not to lose readers in either place. Oh hell… let?s face it, I?m trying not to lose my mind.

Since I have an obvious lack of stuff to post about I am going to initiate Coffee Talk over here. Of course that requires me to actually have a topic for today?s Coffee Talk discussion.

Let?s discuss infertility shall we? I am very aware that we often try to avoid the subject of our infertility. For those of us who are infertile or semi-infertile, but this is a subject that is burning me up a little. My “infertility” stems from 2 things. A lime sized fibroid blocking my right tube and my left ovary being caked in endometriosis. My eggs didn?t have a chance in hell of making it out. I did have the issues corrected, but that is not guarantee that I will ever get pregnant.

My family members are prolific procreators. Every family gathering there is yet another brand new baby there. Child after child after child. It starts to make me kinda sick. I start to feel inadequate as a member of this particular family. It is like this badge that I wear around my neck that screams Hey this chick can?t get pregnant. Just another way to make me feel different in my family.

So the topic is this. Does your infertility make you feel inadequate around your family or in your circle of friends? (I do know the answer to this from some of you, but I still want you to participate). If the answer is yes, how are you working through this. If no, explain why not.

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