Sacrifice everything in the name of fashion

That used to be my motto. Comfort! What was that. As long as I looked good it didn?t matter. Then my adult gene kicked in. I realized that jeans an flip-flops were a better choice than owwee shoes and pants that cut off my circulation. But now and again I do something not quite in the realm of intelligence.

So we get these tickets to go see the end of the year show at Pacific Northwest Ballet. I?ve never been to the ballet. It was fun. I thought I would have a little fun with my outfit. So I whip out my little pleated kahki skirt and think that ohhhh! I have to perfect shoes to go with those! They are gorgeous. One of my favorite pairs. I?ve worn them to work before and never really had a problem with them hurting my feet. Why should tonight be anything different. Out the door I go in my kick ass shoes.

The smart woman would realize that warm night + walking + wooden shoes = not a fun time had by all. You see these shoes have a wooden sole and a leather upper. It wasn?t the wooden sole that got me so much as it was the upper. Oh dear Lord, it rubbed on my poor pinkie piggies and now they have blisters. I never get blisters on my feet.

I am now relegated back to my flip-flops. Fun part? I have an appointment with a landscape design client this afternoon. My first design client appointment in months and I have to wear flip-flops to the appointment. Lucky for me I?ve met with this couple before and they know I am a little off.

So was it worth it? Blisters on the feet just to have great shoes. You tell me? These are the shoes. They are made by Lucky Lou Shoes

Mine have a camel colored upper. They don?t make that color anymore. I bought mine at Art Deco Days in Miami about 4 years ago. I paid about 1/2 of what they sell them for now. I?d love to have a pair of the Tiki ones in Pussycat Velvet, but where the heck would I wear those. Mommies group?

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