Round #3 in the books

Yesterday marked AC round 3 for me.  It was another early morning, but not quite as early as the last.  We had to be to SCCA by 8:00 a.m. for labs.  We ran a little late, but it turned out fine.  I’m always so impressed at how amazing the lab techs are there.  I had good blood return on my port line.  In and out easy easy.

Next stop, 5th floor infusion center.  I believe SCCA was smart to put the infusion center on the 5th floor.  It has one of the most amazing views of Lake Union.  Yesterday was particularly nice because the weather here is incredible this weekend.  I watched the boats and sea planes during my short wait and before long my pager went off and it was time to go.

As I walked past the nurse’s desk I saw my favorite “meanest nurse in the world,” Jo.  I love her so!  She hooked me up and we did our thing.

This week my parents joined us so I got the lo down on what is happening with the rest of the family.  In addition to me having cancer, my mother also takes care of her brother full time as well as watches after my grandfather and checks in on my grandmother.  She really should be given a medal of some sort.

This round was much like all the rest.  I did get a headache near the end of the cytoxan, but that happens every time.  I was a little more tired all day.  I took a wholly unsatisfactory nap when we got home.  I enjoyed the company of my family, Jon & Kerstin and Kathou & Paypay.  They came to help me celebrate my birthday.  

41 with breast cancer doesn’t suck so bad when you have amazing friends that will do anything for you.  They also do things like bring gifts that they know I’ll love.  Unicorn lights, bamboo wind chimes and a Belle charm for my bracelet are just a few of the wonderful things I’ve received.  I love you all so very much!!

Friday was also my last day of school for the year.  The school year doesn’t officially end until June 27th (longest year evah), but I know I won’t be feeling well enough to teach Monday and Tuesday so I took them off.  My advanced horticulture students gave me a lovely little basket of snacks and we had a laid back day.  My intro students worked their butts off helping to clean the greenhouses.  There’s still a ton to do, but I know it will get taken care of to the best of everyone’s ability.  Besides, it gives me something to putter around with over the summer.  Most teachers want to get the hell away from school during the summer.  I have greenhouses to manage and cabinets and offices that still need cleaning.  I like the quiet.  When you inherit a program from a teacher that taught for 23 years there is a lot of things to go through.

All in all the start to this round isn’t bad.  Give me a few days and then ask me how I’m feeling.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Almost half way through chemo! This makes all of our hearts a little less heavy. You rock, baby! <3

  2. Jessica says: Reply

    Love you tons my dear Tulip. Keep going. You will be ok in few days. Rest and enjoy the free time.

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