My website is still here, but in the middle of transition.? We?ve requested all of the changes, but some parts take 7-10 days for the change to happen.? So at some point my site will disappear and I will have to rebuild it all.? Posting this week will be a little sparse because I don?t know when everything will disappear.

This is much more than I can say for myself.? I?m in the process of rebuilding my body too.? Saturday morning I woke up and wasn?t feeling so hot.? That isn?t so unusual for me so I didn?t think anything of it.? I suggested to the trusty husband that we go check out our local Asian Mega Market.? I wanted to pick up a specific curry paste that isn?t sold in our conventional groceries.? However, going into an Asian market while not feeling so hot probably wasn?t the best idea.? Y?all know what one smells like right.? Much like the open air markets we visited in Korea.? Distinct.? About 1/2 way through the store I informed the trusty husband that it was time to go.? I barely made it home.

I crawled straight from the car to my bed where I was able to lay down for all of 2 seconds before I had to run, no sprint to the bathroom.? Thus commenced my dance from the bed to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes for the next 6 hours.? That started at about 3:30 in the afternoon.? By 8:30 we were calling hospitals and friends to see when to go in and who could watch the boy.

We were so lucky that NEAL was a true friend and interrupted his guys night to come stay at our house while the trusty husband took me to the emergency room.? We will be calling the Pope this week to nominate him for sainthood.

At the hospital I pretty much think I was on my deathbed.? I may or my not have tried to burn a hole in the triage nurse?s head with my eyes when she was so dumb as to not notice my incredibly skinny arms thus needing the small blood pressure cuff.? So I had to sit upright longer while she took my blood pressure twice.? Then I seriously wanted to punch one nurse in the face when I was taken to my room and she said, ?you look like you feel awesome!?? And I distinctly remember swearing at one nurse when she ruthlessly jammed the IV needle into my arm to take blood.? Not only that, she giggled it around to make the blood, that obviously was not coming out, come out.

That particular nurse became my best friend when she brought me a warm blanket and gave me anti-nausea meds and some kind of narcotic pain reliever to rid me of the stomach cramps and back pain.

At Midnight I was officially released with a severe case of the flu.? We were sent on our way with prescriptions for anti-nausea meds and anti-diarrheal meds that we were sure I wouldn?t need until the trusty husband got back from Olympia sometime around 12:30.? Oh how we were wrong.

At 4:00 a.m. the trusty husband made the trek to the pharmacy to fill my meds.? I will be informing the Pope of a need for sainthood there.? Mainly because, with 3 hours sleep, my dear husband got up, got our child up, managed to get both of them ready, drive to Olympia, ring handbells, drive home and proceeded to take care of me and a very cranky child the rest of the day.

Needless to say, I?m feeling much better today.? I ate solid foods for breakfast.? It?s staying in.? I?m sitting upright and I may even shower while standing up this morning.? I do have a ton of work waiting for me and it may just have to wait until tomorrow.

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