really dumb

D had to work yesterday and then he decided that after work he would go golfing with a friend.  This left me home alone on a Saturday unsupervised.  I hate being home alone to begin with, but on a Saturday is even worse.  This is usually our day to work in the yard or do random stuff around town.  We typically have lunch out and leave the house for at least an hour.

I figured since I was going to be alone and was tired of doing yard work that I wanted to build something.  We have huge patios on the front and back of our house but little by way of seating.  To tell you how huge they are and the amount of people that come to our house for a gathering; a large table with 2 chairs and a bench plus 4 other patio chairs is not enough.  Plus we got a new table and chairs from my mom for Christmas.  And we whip out the two seater beach chair.  Still not enough space.  We like to throw big parties. 

Anyway… my idea was to make one of those nifty planter box benches.  You know the kind.  A planter box on either end with a bench in the middle.  Simple right?  I get to the local mega home improvements store and they only have 1 of the planter boxes that I need.  Rather than hunt down an under trained monkey to look in the stock room for 30 minutes just to come back and tell me that is the last one, I decided to modify my plan.  I thought I would just build a free standing bench that would be easier to move anyway.  Of course I don’t do math in my head and needed plans for said bench.

Off to the puny book department.  I find a plan that I can work with and draw my own little sketch.  Off to the lumber department.  I hunt through the lumber department looking for the right lumber and pieces that are only 8′ long.  I know that an 8′ piece of lumber will fit into my car.  Remember what kind of car I drive?  A bug.  Yes, I went to buy lumber while driving a bug.

With the lumber found and loaded onto my cart I proceed to the check out, pay the nice lady and make my way to my car.  Across the aisle from me are 2 men loading lumber into the back of a pick-up truck.  I see them kind of snicker as they watch a little woman park a cart full of lumber behind a Volkswagen.  I convert my car into bug-a-truck and proceed to load my lumber.  Two 4×4’s, one 2×6, and four 2×4’s.  Again in the back of a bug.  As I am loading the second 4×4 I go to the passenger side door to ease the wood onto the dash.  I lift the wood up and bump the windshield of my car.  I thought I had bumped the rearview mirror.  I get the lumber situated and look to see that everything is ok.

The genious that I am has now put a huge spider crack in the windshield of my car.  You did read that correctly… I broke my windshield.  I am dumb.

Of course there is nothing I can do so I finish loading the wood and lo and behold it all fits!  With the hatch closed!!  Take that old men who don’t offer to help a woman heft giant 4×4’s into her car!

Needless to say I am irritated about my car, but accidents do happen.  D wasn’t mad at me and that is a good thing.  He is going to make me call the insurance company though.  He knows I hate doing that kind of stuff so I guess that is my punishment for my stupidity.  

My bench did turn out pretty neat though.  I had it all finshed and my mess cleaned up by the time D got home! 

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