I must say that Valentine?s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. I believe it is yet another day fabricated by candy and major greeting card companies to suck every last nickle out of your pockets. People go about buying stupid crap that is just going to get chucked in a few months. Flowers will wilt, candy will make you fat, and does your husband really need boxers with little candy hearts on them. No. You might think it?s cute now, but really who are you kidding. Wouldn?t he look better without the boxers all together? If you want to buy me roses for Valentine?s make it a rose bush. And if you buy candy it better be one big ass bag of Twix bars or you best not even come home.

I do the usual stuff for Valentine?s. The boy painted pictures for the family. We may or may not make CS a special treat this afternoon. And the boy did receive a gift from his grandparents that he just thinks is the coolest thing evah. Even cooler than Cheerios and Curious George. But for the most part our day will be spent milling around the house and making a trek to the Secretary of State?s office for none other than… and apostille!!

Of course we?ll only go for the apostille if the tool sends me the corrections that he claims he was going to send last night. CS asked if I had emailed him yet. I said I was going to. His reply, “be nice.” What me? Not nice when dealing with the tool? Whatever are you talking about.


I can?t help but notice that the majority of people who left comments about my hair are people who actually know me in real life. They?ll try to tell you they are jealous of my hair. While it is true that I can wear my hair curly or straight and that it is very very thick these little things have their disadvantages too. Just because I have such hair doesn?t mean I spend any less time getting ready in the morning. In fact it could take longer some days. I have stopped drying my hair with a hair dryer. It just makes it frizzy. I put so much thick-as-shit conditioner on it that I go through a bottle every 2 weeks. I have to either straighten it or curl it to make it not look like a really long afro. And if I do dry it (on the curly days) I have to put so much product in it that it takes 2-3 washings to get it all out the next morning. The thickness is very hot in the summer. Thus the really short cut for a while. I had that cut when I worked in retail nurseries. Don?t hate me because of my hair. Have pity on me.


On the family room front we are making slow progress. The painting is all done and the furniture has found it?s new home, but the molding is still not back up. So the books still sit in the dining room. To make what would be considered a sucessful home improvement project that much more fun… the day after we finished painting the boy decided the walls needed a little more color. Yep, he took a red crayon to a wall that wasn?t quite dry yet. So not only are there crayon marks on the walls I can?t scrub it off yet because the paint just come right off with it. Sho nuf. The colors have once again been confiscated.

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