Random Friday

We’ll start with the important stuff around here. Snot The boy’s well child check up. No, it has nothing to do with snot, but I seriously considered asking the doc to take a look in my ear just to save me another trip to my doc’s on Monday. Then I had flashes of that commercial where the guy is asking his dog’s vet about his own personal medical issues. Sorry… got distracted by something shiny there.

The boy is now 24 whopping pounds. 34 3/4″ tall and has a head circumference of 19″. The short of it is that he’s only grown 2″ and gained 2 1/2 pounds. Not a big increase, but doc didn’t think that it was terrible. He gave us some ideas on what we can do to help him pack on the pounds. He said his feet are looking better and sees no issues with his legs from them. But the thing that still has me floored is what the doc said about his cognitive learning. He’s at the level of a 4 year old. This kid is 2 1/2. At 2 1/2 the boy knows all of his letters and numbers by recognition (with the exception of confusing 0 and O). He can “read” books. He has exceptional fine motor skills and his gross motor skills are improving by leaps and bounds. What he lacks in physical stature he makes up for in intelligence. One’s two year old should not be smarter than they. So there’s your boy update.

Last night we had a fantastic date night with Tacoma Chickadee and Nathe. TC is very involved in our fair city and is working on rebuilding our local community garden program. This is a project I have always wanted to be involved in, but didn’t know where to get started. (Great big post on this coming soon) Anyway… We had a great dinner at a fantastic local restaurant for a great cause. As luck would have it my sense of taste is still gone. I tell you for a foody this is a very bad thing. I haven’t tasted a meal in over a week. I just got the taste of coffee back yesterday. See I’m drifting again. After dinner we took a walk around downtown. Our downtown is awesome. We have an area called the Theater District. Within the Theater district is Opera Alley (where the restaurant is) and Antiques Row. Lots of little quaint antique shops, many of which are going out of business. (More about our city on another post, or you can read TC’s site… all about Tacoma). So we peer into shops and Elle goes ga-ga over the stuff inside. One is full of antique dishes, one furniture, and one… one had handbags. Not vintage handbags. Cute little designer handbags. Oh the handbaggy goodness. The slobber that was left on the store front will make the shop owner go what the?

Our luck ran out when as we are getting ready to walk into the pub for one last drink my cell phone rang. Damn cell phone. Why did I take it? It was the in-laws saying the boy really really wanted us to come home. Although our night was cut short we had a great time. We had the opportunity to chat with TC and Nathe about all kinds of stuff. I had a great time despite my lack of hearing.

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  1. Jessica says: Reply

    Hmmm… I must be an Olympian snob – I still think of Tacoma as being the Tacoma Dome, the aroma, and gang-ridden. Next time I’m down your way maybe you can show me this new Tacoma? 😉

    Also, I posted a comment on your previous entry, and it didn’t stay. Are you editing my comments out 😉 or am I just having problems with your site? I hit “say it” and it showed up, but when I returned to the site later, it was gone. Just curious!

    (It was recommending you do some nasal irrigation – look it up on Wikipedia for more info since my post was lost.)

  2. Random Fridays are a good thing. Yay for Oleg and his progress! I knew he was a genius.

  3. wow twins- oleg and piney weigh the same now- but that is where the comparison ends because if you put the whole abc’s in front of Pineapple she wouldn’t be able to respond correctly to “where is the alphabet?” let alone pick out individual letters. That is great that Oleg is doing so well. Do you have any teaching tricks?

    That is weird about losing your sense of taste/smell- is it from your cold?

    Glad you got to go out!

  4. Debbie says: Reply

    One smart boy you have there. Must have a very good mommy teaching him stuff.

    I hope you start to get all better and have a returned taste and everything very soon.

  5. Rhonda says: Reply

    Unbelievable that Oleg can do ABC’s. Clyde can count to two. And we are excited about that :). Way to go Oleg!

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