Still sick.? Now I’m coughing up big chunks of really nasty stuff that probably shouldn’t be in anyones lungs.? Normally that would be a good indication to head to the doctor, but I’m experienced enough with my lung function or relative lack thereof to know that this is a product of the Mucinex finally kicking in.? Problem is the excess of phlegm is causing me to occasionally lose my voice.? It makes yelling at my child much more difficult.

The trusty husband made it home last night.? He was only gone one night, but when you are sick it makes that one day seem like an eternity.? Especially since I just wanted to lay on the couch and die.? Instead I had to be a Mom and do things like feed the child and bathe him.? In my sickness I tried to make Daddy being gone seem less like a bummer and we did fun things like cleaning out the refrigerator and dusting the baseboards.

It is once again Frost Park Friday and I will be participating in our weekly chalk art contest.? This week’s prize is a $20 gift certificate to The Red Hot and a mini growler trophy.? Good thing I don’t need a voice for this event and that the trusty husband is going with me.? That way he can yell at the child when he tries to run out into traffic.

I still haven’t judged the Steve contest nor have I downloaded the boy’s interview off the camera.? I might get to that later today.? That is unless I get washed away in a river of my own snot from bending over drawing on the sidewalk.

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  1. mom says: Reply


  2. Carrie says: Reply

    Hope you are feeling better. I must say that your dragon was very well done and I was impressed to see pictures of you crawling around on the ground in white pants… you must be a laundry goddess too!

  3. Have a speedy recovery! I’m glad D is back in town to help – being sick sucks! Being sick when you’re an only parent really sucks!!!

  4. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Sending you healing energy and a very loud, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

  5. Jenny2 says: Reply

    p.s your menu now resembles my life. Congrats.

  6. Rhonda says: Reply

    Happy Mother’s Day!! Hope you’re feeling better.

  7. kim says: Reply

    Sure hope you are feeling better today, Elle.


  8. Get well soon Elle!

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