I don’t usually take a celebrity’s opinion about political matters or any matter, but in all honesty… this is the single best PSA I’ve ever seen.

*Parental advisory… explicit content.

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  1. Maggie says: Reply

    Love it!

  2. Heidi says: Reply

    great one. the ones with Will Ferrel are great too.
    and hey – where are you? thought you’d be counting “my friends” with us tonight.

  3. kim says: Reply

    Well, I have now laughed out loud at my desk, already today!!! Thanks for sharing this, I have also sent it on to 8 friends so far, more to come.

    hope you are well.

  4. DebiP says: Reply

    I was so hoping for a debate rundown…

    OK that video was to funny…could not figure out how it was explicit. then the end came….

  5. Okay I think I love the cheerleader now! That is awesome!

  6. That was hilarious!

  7. Joel413 says: Reply

    Joel413’s better half here: OMG, so funny! I love the “don’t change horses, get an older horse that will take 12 years to cross the stream,” part. Awesome!

    (Maybe our liberal leanings are rubbing off on Elle…)

  8. Joel413 says: Reply

    ” ‘Cause he’s old.” Ha!!!! Thank you for the big smile on my face.

  9. Joel413 says: Reply

    Wow, I just watched this and seems I’ve commented before…

    so, I guess I’ve already said my piece..

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