Propane and Propane accessories

I have to give accolades to the trusty husband for being the greatest dad and husband in the world, and me less that satisfactory remarks for being a day late on a Father’s Day post. However, for the record, I thought it more important to spend the day with my family rather than sitting in front of my computer.

I also need to give the trusty husband internet love for buying me the cutest new handbag (in cocoa) last week. Why? Because I thought it was pretty (and it was on sale). Then if that weren’t enough he schedule a massage for me. Why? Because I wouldn’t do it for myself. See I have the greatest husband evah.

So the boy and I returned the niceties in kind with the Grill Bastard 12,000. Up until now the trusty husband has grilled on either a little Smokey Joe kettle grill or the larger kettle grill. He’s slobbered on the propane grills every summer for years now, but propane grills were always out of our price range. Either that or we lived in an apartment that would not accommodate the bohemouth monstrosity he was eying. This year I decided that he deserved the Grill Bastard 12,000. A long story ensued involving his parents coming to help the poor little lady who knows nothing about gas grills, helper monkey Bob, and a husband totally oblivious to the gigantic mass of stainless steel sitting on our back patio. In the end the husband got the grill and it was good.

So for Father’s Day we celebrated by going to the Seattle Science Center where the boy had a meltdown. But not before he had a meltdown earlier in the day. There may have been one when we got home too, but hell, by that time I walked in the front door straight for the bottle of Bordeaux sitting on the counter.

Actually we had quite a lovely day (aside from the screaming). The archaeologist in D taught the little boy proper excavation techniques in the dinosaur exhibit and they even did a little strawberry picking in our garden.
Strawberry Picking

To top off the day we got a little video of the boy’s “noooo” saying for you. This video was taken after a green cloud wafted it’s way into my office right before bed time.

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  1. That is a GREAT video! I love it!!

  2. That screaming would drive me nuts if he weren’t so cute. Great pic of the dad and boy.


  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    A handbag AND a massage? Are you sure he doesn’t have something he needs to tell you??? LOL, just kidding. Way to go D for being a great Dad and husband!!

  4. Jenni says: Reply

    That video is too funny! And perfect to show to future girlfriends! 🙂

    Great picture of D and the boy too.

  5. Welcome to the world of cooking with gas. (Nice King of the Hill reference, btw.)

    Now I’m off to curse my broken speakers yet again!

  6. Dana says: Reply

    Ooh, that bag is cute. The kid, too! 🙂

  7. Mom says: Reply

    Too funny!! The boy might be slightly opinionated…ya think. Hmmm…reminds me of someone else I know.
    Mike welcomes Derek to the Big Boys club of barbecuing with the other grill Kings.

  8. Jenny says: Reply

    you know, I haven’t been commenting enough. I need to do that more often here. (you know that I read every day)

    anyway, that is the cutest bag EVER. Mine isn’t nearly as cute and now I am jealous because I should have looked harder to find a cute bag. Mine is just brown leather and giant.

    Take care and happy grilling-J

  9. That video cracked me up. Gotta love the internets…good for publicly mocking your children. I can’t wait for mine to do something really tape worthy.

  10. hopingforgirl says: Reply

    hi elle,

    looks like u had fun in Alaska. i remember seeing your e-mail on your site, but don’t see it now. can u e-mail me?


  11. serena says: Reply

    That is the most hilarious video! Especially the accompanied head shake in case anyone was in doubt that he was saying no.

  12. Tori says: Reply

    Love the purse!!
    You should have put a warning on that video. I had the sound turned up all the way and I just about blew out my ear drums. My dogs even got up to see where the screeches were coming from 🙂

  13. kate says: Reply

    CS gets kudos for great dh and fab dad. O’s little voice is not as sweet as it was in the last video…though still highly entertaining! Ah, they grow up so fast.

  14. Wendy says: Reply

    Hahaha, the fun of the screeching No phase. I am such a meanie, I used to screech it back at the kids when they would ask me for something. Don’t worry, I figure they can get free therapy in college….. Hee!

  15. Tried to comment on the last two posts and they were closed.

    Team parent – Jamie calls the kids during the day and reminds them that he expects them to have respectful and obedient behavior.

    Depression – me too. Lexapro. It increases your body’s ability to turn sunlight into happy feelings. Seratonin (sp?) Uptake.

    No wisdom on the Screaming No Monster. They tried it once and learned what happened. Never again. Course you can’t do what we did to a two-year old.

  16. Esther says: Reply

    Well, the boy was looking at an Eric Carle book in the video. They are pretty cool books ya know. Perhaps he didn’t want to be disturbed?

    Just kidding. Who knows. When kids are two, they are trying to manipulate and control what ever they possibly can. It’s part of being in their world. You’ll get past it and so will he.

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