Preparing for Adoption Month

Many of you have noticed the new button over on the left side bar. Yay for you for being so observant. I’m so proud of you. Better yet, have you noticed the surprise on the right sidebar? If not take a look.

Anyway, if you didn’t know November in National Adoption Awareness Month. As you might guess it is a pretty big deal in our house. With the boy and I both being adoptees and all. One of my dreams is to start an organization that helps orphans overseas and provides support for adoptees, adoptive parents and birth mothers. It is a long ways off, but I’d still like to try (anyone want to help?).

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month I picked a color and am going purple. Some organizations use royal blue, some use pink/yellow/white and others use purple and white stripes. So why just purple for me? Basically, I love purple (say it like Patrick and you’ll know what the trusty husband just said as he read this post). Some corporate think tank didn’t sit down and say I think our cause color should be purple. I’m just one lady who sits in a messy office and comes up with this crap.

For November I’m changing all of my links and buttons to be adoption related links. (I’ll bring back the regular stuff in December and I’ll still do the weekly menu) But Blog Red, Lulu and the others are taking a break. But I need your help. I am very familiar with the Russian adoption world. I know very little about other countries. So I need you to send me your favorite resource links. I don’t want agencies. I am not out to promote any agencies (except my own) simply because I have no direct knowledge about them. However, I do want support networks. For Russia we have FRUA (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoptions). There are other support networks out there and other resources, but that is the big one for Russia.

So leave me a comment or an email (at elle at lifeofelle dot com) and tell me what your favorite online resource for adoption support is. Also, if you belong to a yahoo group that you love leave that too. I’ll do a page for those.

And please, consider doing your part by changing all or part of your own site to purple. Feel free to use the button on the right. Click on it and it will take you to where you can get the code.

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  1. TraciB says: Reply

    Gottcha covered over at my place on the button thing… very nice by the way! Also, I did it! I got the acupuncture treatment TODAY:-) VERY relaxing and I am going again next Tuesday. Thanks for the tip. I will keep you posted on the success of my weaning from the “Pill”.

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to go purple too. (Thanks for the nudge.) I’d love to think of a fundraiser type thing to do during the month and donate all the proceeds to some orphan/adoption fund too. Going to put my thinking cap on….

  3. Carla says: Reply

    then Love without Boundaries and Half the Sky (both .org) are charity organizations that help with Chinese orphans. – Steven Curtis Chapman link, Christian based, but lots of resources for people just beginning…

    want details of the China process? The China SN process? 🙂


    I’m going PURPLE as well!

  4. Esther says: Reply

    Hey thanks for the idea. I already have it on my blog sidebar ;o) I also linked to your post here.
    Cheers, Esther

  5. Carrie says: Reply

    Well, I thought I would go purple but after trying to fiddle with my template I realized that I would have to completely redo my design…something that take an amateur like me way more time than I currently have to devote to it. I’ll keep thinking about what I can do though… right now my big plan is to win your blog makeover contest!

  6. For those of us who are HTML impaired, where do we put the handy links you gave us?

  7. Kelly says: Reply

    I love your site and the adoption Month color. I am going to be donating a $1.00 for each Beer bread I sell from my Tastefully Simple sales for the month of Nov, to the Cadman Foundation
    They helped us with our Russian Adoption. Hopefully we can all raise some money to help out adoption.

  8. I feel special — I did notice the surprise. I keep refreshing, but damn if it isn’t there yet.

    Domestic links — (a particular soft spot for me — that’s where I found Fidget, Smiley, Butch & Sundance, and my boy Slugger)

    Each state has their own site, too, but there are links to those on AdoptUSKids.

  9. Mom says: Reply

    Purples nice!

  10. DebiP says: Reply

    I am on board with the purple at my blog and please don’t forget it is a place for all international adoptions…support and education…

  11. Pickel says: Reply

    I’ve got your button up at My Two Boys and have spread the love at A Child Chosen. I’m a LOVER of FRUA and its my fav. resource but since we’re going domestic this time I need to find a different source.

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