Play Day

Today is my first "day off" in a very long time. The past few months I have been consumed with Godspell costumes, adoption paperwork, church work that I have fallen behind on and other various projects that I have created for myself. I can say that today I have none of those to do. My only need to do task for the day is to make our house look somewhat presentable. Considering it hasn’t really been cleaned since St. Patrick’s Day this may be a bigger task than I imagine.

I think I might even attempt do break in my new Laundry Mate 5000.

I have a whole day to sit around, play with my little craft projects, work on some blog/website designs and eat bon bons (oh that’s right I don’t snack.) I am sure I won’t be lacking for anything to keep me occupied.

I can’t tell you how great a feeling this actually is.

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