Pinterest and the time suck of doom

I’ve avoided this thing called Pinterest for the longest time. I simply do not need another time suck in my life. That’s why I’ve avoided Words with Friends despite the hounding from many a person.

Before my surgery I had girlfriend’s brunch at my house and wanted to make something super yummy. I have a number of standby items, but I thought something new might be fun. I browsed this Pinterest thing to see if it was worth my while and if there were any good recipes on it. It looked intriguing. I found a few things to try (that didn’t exactly turn out as planned) and thought, well I have nothing but time on my hands so I’ll join.

My plan was to covertly join so that no one would know and then I wouldn’t look like a follower. I hate to look like a follower. I’m a trendsetter. Self proclaimed trendsetter. That’s me!

Earlier this week I finally finished up the “joining” stuff with Pinterest only to have my husband walk into the living room (where I’m held captive) 20 minutes later to say, “Pinterest? Really?” Busted.

Yes. I joined. I would like to remind everyone that I really can’t do much for the next 5 weeks. I can’t clean. I can’t garden. I can’t go to work. What else do I have? I can only watch so much daytime television. I nap, but I can only do so 30-45 minutes a day. It’s only been the second day of me feeling somewhat human and I’m already bored. I even considered riding up to Ferndale with my boss to pick up the seed potatoes. I thought 5 hours in the car might be a bit much… besides, Derek vetoed it.

I will say I’ve been having fun with this Pinterest thing. I mostly hunt for garden ideas. I’ve found a few things that I’d like to try.

I am determined to not make this a giant time suck and only browse when I’ve accomplished other tasks like reading.

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  1. Michele says: Reply

    So glad everything went well with the surgery and you are finding new things on the internet to stay entertained. I might just have to check Pinterest out too. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. mom says: Reply

    I too have been egged on about Pinterest and have avoided it. Let me know if it’s worthy of my time. 🙂 Anything to keep you busy and down can’t be all bad!

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