Pardon me while I vomit


Elle sitting in desk chair requesting a kissy from her son.

Boy moves closer, Elle smells something.? *snif*snif*

Elle grabs back of boy’s shirt to lift it up to grab the back of the pants poo check.? Boy starts walking away, but his mother still holds his shirt.

Seeing as he can only go in a circle, thus spinning around the chair his mother is sitting in, he continues walking proclaiming, “NOOO, NOT POOOOPEEEEE!”

Elle continues to hold onto the shirt as the boy breaks into a full run.? The spinning getting faster and the proclamation continues, “NOOOO!”

Smart Elle would let go of the shirt, but she’s damned determined to find some poop.

There’s no poop.

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  1. Now this creates a pretty humorous visual!

  2. What? No tire swings for you? I remember swinging in circles for hours with you! Spinning and spinning and spinning and…. I can’t do it now, either! It does have a great visual, though! šŸ™‚

  3. Mom says: Reply

    Just breakin a little wind Mom!

  4. *snicker*

    He’s probably thinking “Damn, can’t a guy toot in peace?”

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    now that is a funny…you know men they pass ‘it’ like most of us breathe…not that I have not done the same thing..KNOWING it IS there…

  6. NEAL says: Reply

    Phantom poop!

  7. Jenny2 says: Reply

    No dog to blame it on? Poor kid. šŸ™‚

  8. Dana says: Reply

    Well, he was telling the truth!

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