• The Cancer
  • Sometimes Chemo Sucks

    Ok, let’s be honest.  Chemo always sucks.  They’re filling your body full of toxic poisons that require a myriad of other drugs to mitigate the symptoms of the actual chemo.  Even though you take that myriad of other drugs many of the side effects get through and it knocks you down to your most pitiful […]

  • The Cancer
  • Round #3 in the books

    Yesterday marked AC round 3 for me.  It was another early morning, but not quite as early as the last.  We had to be to SCCA by 8:00 a.m. for labs.  We ran a little late, but it turned out fine.  I’m always so impressed at how amazing the lab techs are there.  I had […]

  • Patty Bugent
  • Letting go of your hair

    Sunday on social media it was all about my hair.  What you got was snippets of moments throughout the morning.  However, I find it rather cathartic to write about the experience in it’s entirety.  It also may help another woman along the way. I had have a plan.  I’ve never intended to wear wigs.  They […]

  • The Cancer
  • Chemo Round #2

    Friday was Chemo Round 2.  Unlike last time I didn’t have all day to sit around and fret about it.  This time I had to get up early to be there by 7:30 a.m..  We got situated and in walks a nurse who says, “Hi!  I’m Jo and I’m the meanest nurse here.”   I […]

  • The Cancer
  • You look so great!

    If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I look great I could probably pay for my cancer treatment without insurance.  Ok, not that many times, but you get the picture.  On a daily basis someone asks me how I am.  My typical response is, “I’m good, but I’m tired.”  It’s pretty […]

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  • Chemo #1 Down

    I realize that I didn’t share my experiences with my first chemo infusion yet.  It wasn’t because I don’t care about all of you.  It was because the first 5 days sucked and then I went back to work.  So grab your cup of coffee tea* and read a story. Last Friday was infusion day. […]

  • The Cancer
  • Dead Hair Pool

      One guarantee from this chemo thing is that I’m going to lose my hair.  The question is when.  To make it a little more fun than just dying my hair rainbow colors I’ve decided to start a pool.  Here’s how this will work: My first chemo date was May 26. You pick a date […]

  • The Cancer
  • The front side of fear

    I really am tired of writing posts that seem sad, but I’m trying to share some of the hidden realities of this whole journey.  However, this week has been a bit rough. Monday was fantastic!  It was the first day in weeks that I felt like myself.  I spent the majority of the day in […]

  • The Cancer
  • Hair… it goes

    Sometimes you sit and stare at a screen and wonder where to start. That is me.  I am there. Here goes. Yesterday was my appointment with the oncologist.  It felt like the appointment was so far away while waiting for it.  On Sunday I told myself only a few more days.  I can do a […]