So I’m sitting here staring at the screen wondering what I’m going to write about now.  I’ve spent the past two weeks talking about cancer and death and paying tribute to one of my best friends, but it’s time to move on.  So where do I go from here?  I would give you photos of the child, but I don’t have any recent ones.  There is a great one on my phone, but I lost the cord to hook my phone to the computer.  I could email it to myself, but that would mean finding the phone… oh it’s just a big pain in the ass.

I know!  I’ll tell you all about how I quit one of my jobs only to be busier than ever.

So I left my job at the church.  Did I mention that?  I can’t remember.  Anyway… my last day at the church was the 16th of February.  The intention was that I had a big web design project I had to do and that I was going to be working at the nursery more so quitting the church would give me more time.  The first week of March I started my new schedule at the nursery.  I work about 35 hours a week there.  I go in Wednesday through Saturday and am there 10-7 (or 6 on Saturday).  I thought that would be plenty.  Really it is.  The boys gave me a raise and we are finally financially ok.  We aren’t rolling in it, but we have enough to pay the bills and go out to eat on occasion.  It’s nice.  For the first time in a very long time I don’t worry about money.

However there is this other issue.  I’m a plant hoarder.  Did you know that?  When I’m not around plants on a daily basis I’m ok, but when I work in a nursery I lack the will power to leave plants at work.  On average I bring home at least one new plant a day.  While I do get a discount on plants (which totally doesn’t help the matter) my plant obsession is expensive.  So in order to fund my plant habit I have a second job.  I mentioned that large web design gig.  I contract for a local web design company.  I’ve done it for a number of years now and usually they give me 2-3 jobs a year.  Last year I didn’t have any and I was ok with that.  This year I have at least 3 going at once.

Sunday is my God given day off.  I take that day for myself.  I have to.  Otherwise I really would look like a hoarder with all of the plants sitting on my front patio.  Monday and Tuesday I work on web design stuff while I look longingly out my office window and the rest of the week I work at the nursery.  I am very tired.  I’ve been on this particular schedule for about a month and a half.  Add my mother-in-law getting sick and dying and I barely have enough time to eat or sleep.

This is where I’ve been.  Now if you’ll pardon me I have a meeting to attend.

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    Take a deep breath girlfriend! On a different note I thought that I would let you know that my sorority, Beta Sigma Phi will be donating to Sweet Hope in honor of Bev next month. We pass around an envelope and everyone puts in whatever they want but no one had any money so it will be done next month. Hugs & Love from Aunt Jan

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