‘HA! I bet you thought I was going to write something about the fact that my child gets over stimulated at the drop of a hat and I just can?t handle it anymore. Ohhh how wrong you are. On the contrary. We haven?t had an “over stimulation event” in quite a while now. He handles situations like a pro. His mother on the other hand… well… Chou-Chou and I have something in common. I mentioned in my last post that I suffer from a bit of ADD. *cough cough* *understatement* *cough* I do have to say that I lack the hyperactivity part. That would be my mother. It likely isn?t really true ADD, but rather other factors such as creativity, above average intelligence and visual thinking that contribute to my inability to focus on the mundane. But hell… who want to really concentrate on things like balancing their checkbook? And cleaning the garage is really not high on my priority list. As a result of this particular “condition” I do get a little over stimulated. Take for example this very recent shopping excursion.

I have mentioned in the past my love of shoes. I love shoes. I mean luuuuvvvveee shoes. I don?t think there are enough descriptive terms to describe my love of shoes. When I was younger I professed that “she who dies with the most shoes wins and it was a race between me and Imelda Marcos.” I think I was winning, but now I can?t afford to keep up. So now I am on the hunt for great shoes at excellent prices. Many of my shoes come from Shoe Pavillion, Nordstrom?s sales, or other various sales. That is until I went on a rave about a certain pair of Stevens. I received a email from Tracy asking if I?d ever been to DSW Shoes. I had not. In fact I hadn?t even heard of DSW. Shame on me. I did a little internet searching and found out that there is a DSW in our state. Lucky for me Kathou loves shoes just as much as I do and she found it.

CS and I took the boy up north to go ice skating for the first time yesterday and I coyly asked if afterwards we could go to the DSW “just to look.” It was only 10 minutes away after all. Poor guy. Little did he know what he was in for. Little did I know what I was in for. Oh. My. God. I have never seen so many pairs of shoes in once place at once. Ok, I take that back. I?ve been to Macy?s and Bloomingdales in Manhattan. (Of which I had to leave because of the shoe over stimulation.) However DSW ranked right up there.

Why did you people never tell me about this place before? I should just egg your homes on GPs for this one. Designer shoes, pretty shoes, comfy shoes everything you could think of. I don?t know if there was an ugly shoe in the joint. (No Lollyy?s though) I found a pair of Rocket Dog tennis shoes that I really really wanted, but I didn?t want them to be those “30 year old mom trying to look hip” kinda thing. And who wouldn?t love a shoe company called Naughty Monkey.

Sadly, I walked out without purchasing a single pair. This is only because CS and I had a discussion about money and the fact that we never seem to have any extra. Now I vow to squirrel away my nickels and dimes so I can steal away in the night and buy shoes. I will get you Imelda. Mark my words.

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